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More Mid-Scope Updates Planned for 2022

Mid-Scope updates
Rell and Taric need some love. | © Riot Games

Taliyah and Olaf just received their mid-scope updates which should make them much better to play and boost some of their play rates from the bottom of the barrel to the middle of the pack. Earlier in 2022, Ahri also got an update, as did Swain. 

But was that it? Will more champion be receiving mid-scope updates like they did? Riot did state that if the ones for Taliyah and Olaf land, then the champions team will look into doing more mid-scope updates in the future. 


More Mid-Scope Updates Confirmed

It seems that Taliyah, Olaf and Swain worked well enough for Riot to consider giving more champions some love in the future. Lead champion designer, Riot August, has confirmed on his Twitter that they will have more to share in the future regarding more mid-scope updates. 

He did say that there will be more updates for a few more champions, which means that more than one champion are on the list of receiving updates. Who would you like to see get a mid-scope update in the future? 

My personal favorite would have to be Taric. He was my main back in 2017, but has since fallen off extremely hard. His play rate is also down in the dumps and is always part of the most unpopular champions list. But that's just my own personal wish for Riot.

 Rell Potential Next Mid-Scope Update

Rell is one of the newer champions in League of Legends. She came out late in 2020, but she has never really found her footing. She was released, a patch or two later nerfed and then the player base forgot about her, preferring to play Thresh or Leona when needing a tank support. 

In a reddit post, Reav3 did explain that the team was considering Rell for a mid-scope update in the future. This has not been confirmed yet though, but there is a lot of potential there, because Rell has great lore, a great model, she just needs a bit of an improvement on her kit.  

Improving her abilities like Riot did for Ahri could be great for Rell and could make her a popular pick even outside the highest tiers in League of Legends. She just has to stand out more from champions like Leona, right? 

But who would you like to see get a mid-scope update in 2022 or 2023? Cho'Gath would be fun too, but he would be more in need of a CGU his model is pretty outdated.