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Skarner? Yes please!

Who Won the VGU and Skins Thematic Poll?

News 07-02-2022 15:30
Skarner VGU
Not Shyvana again? | © Riot Games

The results are in, the community has spoken and it is decided which champion will be on the receiving end of a visual and gameplay update in 2023, as well as which skin thematic will be revamped in 2022.

After the 2022 Season livestream, fans were able to vote upon the next VGU in 2023, as well as the skin thematic they want to revamp. Let’s go over the results!

The Brackern Make a Comeback in 2023

Skarner won the 2023 VGU poll by a landslide. Whether it’s CaptainFlowers love for the champion that pushed him to the forefront or it’s all the attention the champion got since the release of Seraphine, but a whopping 33.4% of voters wanted to see Skarner get a rework.

The ‘close’ second was Shyvana who lagged behind with a mere 19.6%. Therefore, expect a new Skarner to make it onto the rift in 2023. Will he be a sexy scorpion e-boy or will he keep his current shape?

What is a VGU?

VGU stands for visual gameplay update. These updates take a long time and are quite costly and require intensive work before letting them go live. A champion is completely reworked by Riot during a VGU, creating new splash arts, new in-game models and revamping their whole kit.

Since VGU’s take a long time Riot usually only releases one or two a year. In 2021, Dr. Mundo was the only champion to receive a VGU, while in 2020 both Volibear and Fiddlesticks were reworked.

Will Shyvana Get a VGU in 2023?

Shyvana has been second place for the last 3 years that Riot has let the community vote on which champions are in need of a visual and gameplay update. This has left the few Shyvana mains left in the community feeling quite alienated, and many thought that 2022 was finally going to be the year Shyvana would be voted to get the rework.

Alas, it was not meant to be, but Reav3 did state in the poll result blog post that the champions team will look into Shyvana and promised that an update will be coming her way eventually. Whether it’s in 2023 or the year after was not confirmed.

Wild Rift gothic orianna
Let's pray that Gothic Orianna looks like her Wild Rift counterpart. | © Riot Games

Which Skin Thematic Will be Revamped?

In the same post, it was also announced that the next skin line to be looked over and revamped is going to be Gothic. If you were an emo kid in middle-school then this is going to be the skin line for you.

Which Champions Have Gothic skins?

A total of three champions have gothic skins:

  • Goth Annie
  • Emumu
  • Gothic Orianna

Will more skins be added to the Gothic theme though? Hopefully. Aphelios, Morgana and Kayn are in desperate need for some emo skins.

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