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She could be next!

Will Rell Receive a Mid-Scope Update in 2022?

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Rell has been overlooked and ignored since her debut on the Rift. Sure, she was extremely strong upon release, but with a few nerfs to her armor and tankiness she has faded into nothingness. Not only for players, but Riot as well, it seems. 

Now, Rell mains — the few of you that exist — can rejoice, because there has been some news on Rell and a potential mid-scope update that the Champions team could be working on in the future. Rell might finally be getting the attention she deserves. Now the cosmetics team needs to get on board and give her a legendary skin as well. 


Rell Mid-Scope Update in Deliberation

The news of the potential Rell mid-scope update came on Reddit where players spoke out about the lack of attention and the clunky play style Rell has. She has some great lore and fantasies for players, but her kit does not live up to the idea of Rell at all. 

In the same thread, Ryan "Reav3" Mireles commented and stated that the team is looking into Rell and a possible mid-scope update along the lines of the ones Ahri, Swain, as well as Taliyah and Olaf received. 

Rell is a Champion we talk about as a possible target for a midscope update, similar to what we have recently done with Swain/Olaf/Taliyah. We think we could potentially smooth out some of the issues brought up in this thread with a update like that. We haven't started work on one yet, but she is a Champion we feel is fairly high priority.

Why Is Rell So Unpopular? 

Rell has never had high play rate numbers, even after her release. She was supposed to be a strong tank engage support added to the lineup, but for most players she didn't hit the mark. She is clunky, far too slow both her movement speed and attack speed. 

Her crowd control is good, but you might as well pick Leona who can do the exact same thing as Rell and most players already have had experience on Leona, so re-learning a different champion who does the same thing seemed counterproductive, leaving Rell in the dumps, play rate wise. 

When Will Riot Release Rell's Mid-Scope Update? 

In the Reddit post, Reav3 stated that the team is currently in discussion regarding a mid-scope update for Rell. This means that there is no concrete plan for the mid-scope update so there is also no release date for it yet. We will have to patiently wait until we know more about it and whether Rell is getting an update. 

Until then, we should receive a new champion, some new skins and sit back to watch the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. 

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