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These are the ones that Runeterra fears!

Most Dangerous League of Legends Villains According to Lore

Champions 25-04-2022 23:30
Worldbreaker Malzahar
Some people just want to watch the world burn | © Riot Games

Last year's debacle with the Yone and Yasuo event showed us the importance of a good villain. It is not a person that you love to hate, the way we do with Yone and Yasuo, or even Yone and Yasuo. Instead, it needs to be someone we can see ourselves becoming, and that is where these villains come in!

A good villain is not just about pure destruction, though that often helps. They are the ones that instill terror in those that witness them, and not just because of what they can do, but what they represent. The voidlings currently present in Runeterra are more mindless forces of nature, than true villains. though once the new Empress comes along, that is prone to change.

Top Three Biggest Villains in League of Legends

We started out pitying some of them while empathizing with others. Now, these three only cause pain and suffering, however, they may claim otherwise.

3. Singed

The Mad Alchemist of Zaun, formerly of Piltover, is not a major villain in the grand scheme of things. Where his evil acts are not widespread, they are deeply rooted in the League of Legends lore, with multiple champions being the direct and indirect results of his experiments.

Singed Poison
The road to hell is paved with good intentions | © Riot Games

He, however, started out as a scientist looking to better mankind. Unfortunately, in his mind, no price is high enough in the pursuit of science,  and the needs justify the means. Now, he no longer seeks to better mankind but to change it completely.

2. Mordekaiser

As soon as you see this hunk of steel, you know that this is a Dark Lord through and through. And where others sharing a similar theme of darkness and death, such as Karthus, are not inherently evil, Mordekaiser is openly an antagonist.

Lo L Mordekaiser
Talk about going from bad to worse | © Riot Games

What else is there to say about a man who, after brutalizing Runeterra in life, returned to do so once again after finding the afterlife empty, and seeking to fill it with those he would then rule. Fitting of a man whose mere existence resulted in the creation of Noxus' Iron Bastion.


1. Malzahar

A man broken by the world is a story anyone can sympathize with. The fact that he then took off on a quest to right all the world's wrongs is noble and inspiring even. There is just one small issue with Malzahar though.

Malzahar wallpaper
If Runeterra had therapy, this would not be an issue | © Riot Games

His vision of a right world is one where everything is returned to entropy, by unleashing the Void upon Runeterra, which is an antithesis of life itself. Where others do wrongs in the world or seek to conquer it and rule with an iron fist, Malazarh would unmake it completely, earning a top spot on our list of League of Legends villains.

These are not the only villains found in Runeterra, though they are the ones making the most impact on the world, as of now. The others are either small fry, uninterested in making waves or incapable of ever unleashing their full potential due to some constraints, such as the Darkin and their residence in blades.

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