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Happy Sibling Day!

All Siblings in League of Legends

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Morgana and Kayle
These sisters sure love one another... right? | © Riot Games

International Siblings Day just passed recently and it got us thinking about all the siblings in League of Legends. Do these siblings have good relationships? Who even is related to whom in this huge universe? 

There is something different about a sibling bond. You love one another, but there are certain times when a literal war isn't far from taking place either, right? So let's check out all the siblings in League of Legends. Which champions are blood related? 

Which Champions Are Siblings in League of Legends? 

7. Katarina & Cassiopeia

These two are completely different champions within League of Legends, right? While Katarina is a crazy AP assassin, Cassiopeia is a battlemage that excels at single target DPS. They don't even look like they're from the same species and yet they're sisters. 

Kata and Cassio Siblings
Who would have thought they were sisters? | © Riot Games

Cassiopeia did not always look like that, but after seeking power she entered a tomb in Shurima, where she was cursed. Katarina on the other hand spent her time learning how to be a master assassin for Noxus. Oh, and Talon is their adopted brother, so he's also part of this whole family dynamic somehow. 

6. Yone & Yasuo

These two are dubbed 'the wind brothers'. They're probably two of the most infamous siblings in the whole game. Hell, Riot even released one of the coolest shorts ahead of Yone's debut – and for ultimate viewing pleasure we present you the japanese dub! 

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Seriously, these two have such a disjointed dynamic, they make my relationship with my brother seem tame. Yasuo kills his older brother, drowns in grief, only for Yone to come back. Such an interesting backstory, but we're honestly worried about each siblings mental health as well. 

5. Garen & Lux

This is one of the most famous siblings pairs in the entire game. Garen is the protective big brother who joins the Demacian army, while his younger sister hides her magical powers from the whole family. Now if that isn't worth a Netflix show, then I don't know what is. 

Garen and Lux
Who would have thought she'd protect her brother? | © Riot Games

Garen left home at a young age to train, knowing that Demacia's greatest enemy was magic. Lux, on the other hand, is a storng mage who has to hide her identity at all times, growing up in Demacia. 

4. Nasus & Renekton

Nasus and Renekton are another pair of siblings that have lost their bond through time. Renekton was trapped in a dark tomb along with Xerath for centuries, fighting against the evil being while slowly losing his sanity.

Nasus and Renekton
Two brothers that hate one another. | © crowned-kings via Reddit

Nasus, after losing his brother to darkness, wandered the desert of Shurima. Before all that though, the two were close with Nasus leading armies in the name of Shurima, while Renekton fought on the front lines for his empire and his brother. 


3. Vi & Jinx

The most famous sibling duo thanks to the huge popularity of Arcane are, of course, Vi and Jinx. These two have wormed their ways into our hearts and are probably the most beloved sibling duo in all of League of Legends. 

Vi and Jinx
These two are so adorable together. | © Riot games

Ahead of Arcane most fans could only guess whether they're siblings, but many voice lines and interactions hinted at it. Now it's confirmed by Riot Games and we love the crazy little sister with the brutish older sister dynamic these two have going on. 

2. Kayle & Morgana

Kayle and Morgana really aren't the type of sisters who get along. They spent too much time together, but eventually grew apart but at such an extent that they basicaly hate one another now and cannot be in the same room together. 

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But with a sister like Kayle, would you really want to have a relationship with her? If we check out their lore, then Morgana seems to be the sibling that we would rather have as friends... Kayle is a bit too agressive. 

1. Darius & Draven 

Darius and Draven are two brothers that grew up in the slums. They quickly realized though that Noxus, though a country that is seeking to overpower multiple other nations and claw their way to power, let's even kids that grew up in the dumps become great war heroes. 

Draven and Darius
Draven is the boisterous little brother. | © Riot Games

While Darius goes on to become a high ranking military officer, Draven decides that he prefers the limelight and works his way up as a showman in the fighting pits, ranking so high that he becomes the boss of them even. Both make their dreams come true in their own ways. 

Those were some of the sibling pairings in League of Legends. We could have put in Alune and Aphelios, Anivia, Ornn and Volibear as well. So many relationships all over the game, but these are the key sibling relationship in League of Legends. 

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