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Neeko is promised her ASU

LoL: Update on Neeko Mid-Scope Changes

Champions 09-01-2023 17:48
Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko
Neeko's mid-scope update will still take a while. | © Riot Games

Neeko is one of the champions promised a mid-scope update by Riot Games. In League of Legends Patch 12.19 Riot revealed Syndra's mid-scope update and earlier this year Olaf, Swain and Sivir have become top-tier picks thanks to the reworked kits. 

During the August Champion Roadmap video we were promised two more champion mid-scope updates. One of them was Syndra, who just got her update, as well as Neeko, whom we're still waiting on. But it seems that those few Neeko mains out there will have to be a but more patient. 

Neeko Mid-Scope Update Needs Time to Ripen

With Syndra's mid-scope update coming a few months after the announcement, some fans got their hopes up thinking that Neeko was quick to follow. This caused fans to flock to Twitter to ask developer 'Phlox' about the status of Neeko and her mid-scope update

On October 11, 2022 the developer explained that "she's still a little while out since the strongest tomatoes take the longest to ripen." The team working on her mid-scope update is looking to keep her essence the same, basically just making her more fun to play for Neeko mains. "[We want to] make Neeko as Neeko as possible and even more fun for Neeko fans." 

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Neeko's New Passive Revealed

While it has taken a bit longer than some might have hoped, we finally get a bit more information on Neeko's Mid-Scope Update and what it will do to League. One thing is for sure: Neeko mains are about to be the most annoying people on Summoner's Rift. 

Neeko's new passive will let her be able to turn into literally anything on the rift in League of Legends. That ward? Could be Neeko. That minion? Could be Neeko. It'll be annoying to play against, but super fun to play as. 

More Champions Possibly on the List of Mid-Scope Updates

A lot of fans have also asked for Rell to be a champion Riot will take a look at in the future as well. She's one of the most unpopular champions in all of League of Legends. She fell off in popularity right after her release in 2020 already and has rarely seen any time on the rift since then. 

Therefore, some fans think that Riot could look over her abilities to make her better and improve her for the next little while. But this is just speculation. No other champion other than Neeko has been confirmed by Riot to receive a mid-scope update. 

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