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K'Sante - Who Is the Next LoL Champion?

Shurima Legends of Runeterra
Who is going to be the pride of Nazumah? | © Riot Games

Thus far we've received 4 new champions, but who is going to be the next LoL Champion that Riot will release onto the rift? Do we know anything about them yet? Well, we know their name is going to be K'Sante, but has Riot revealed more?

We know that Riot want to bring out around the same amount of champions in 2022 as they did in 2021. We've already got four champions and we're only halfway through the year, so will we be getting a fifth in 2022? 

Who Could the Next LoL Champion Be?

The next champion is known as the pride of Nazumah, which is going to be a brand-new region of Shurima that we have never explored before. Reav3 noted in the April 2022 Champion Roadmap that this would be a high-skill champion. 

The champion was also named K'Sante according to the newest champion Roadmap. The people of Nazumah built their society around 500-years ago in the desert surrounding an Oasis. Building their home wasn't easy though, since they had to fight off giant monsters to earn their spot. 

These monsters still exist and K'Sante, the leader of the warriors, goes to fight them, protecting his home. We love this hero story already and we can't wait for his lore. 

What Position Will the Next Champion Play?

The next champion is going to be a top laner. In 2022, we've gotten a new jungler, two new bot laners and a support champion, so it's about time we get a top laner again, eh? The last new top laner was Gwen back in February of 2021. Though, this champion is going to be a tank instead of an AP fighter like Gwen. 

What Abilities Will the New Top Laner Have?

Thus far we don't have anything to go on in regard to the upcoming champions kit. As mentioned we know which region they're from, we also know they are going to be a tank, but the rest of their kit is a mystery. 

What abilities would you like to see the new top laner to have though? Would you want them to be slow or a quick tank that is also able to duel and fight? There are so many cool options, but I would love to see a old school tank champion in the top lane. Riot has also recently revealed that they are planning on making some changes to the role to help player satisfaction, though you'll still have to wait awhile for those changes to hit the rift. 

Weapon of New Top Laner Revealed

The new top laner is going to be using a weapon called the Ntofo, which is a blunt large weapon. K'Sante will also be able to shatter this weapon and have it turn into blades that will cut through his enemies. Afterwards this weapon will go back to it's original shape. 

When Will the Top Lane Champion Be Released?

The next LoL champion should be released in late 2022 if we have the champion roadmap to go by. This champion will hit the rift ahead of the Aurelion Sol CGU which should still make it onto the rift in 2022. 

With the introduction of a new region in Shurima, we are learning more and more about the world of Runeterra, but will Nazumah be in the upcoming LoL MMO