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Ixtal Support - Who Is the Next LoL Champion?

Champions 27-12-2022 09:49
Ixtal Palace
Will the new champion from Ixtal have lived in such a lavish palace? | © Riot Games

In 2022, we received five new champions. Now, it's time to look ahead to 2023 and the next champion to be released. This time we're going to be getting another support champion in the bot lane, but he is going to be quite special. 

K'Sante was the final champion of 2022 and we know that Ahri's ASU is just around the corner, as well as the CGU for our big mean dragon, but what do we know about this upcoming support champion? 

Who Could the Next LoL Champion Be?

The next champion is going to be from Ixtal. In the August 2022 champion roadmap it was revealed that this will be the first male enchanter as well, joining the likes of Janna, Lulu and Renata. Though, it could be argued that Taric is also an enchanter, though most put him in the warden category. 

So, get ready for a new support champion in the bot lane to be revealed soon. Riot has also revealed, in an interview with Riot China, that he is going to be easy to play. With recent champions all having high skill ceilings, Riot wanted to change things up and make a few simpler champions

What Will the New Support Look Like?

Leaker BigBadBear revealed on his YouTube channel that some older information points to the Ixtal support being a young child. This has been confirmed by Riot. But it will also seem like he is going to have darker skin, similar to that of Taliyah. 

Also, he might have some animal features since some think he could look similar to Harith from the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Oh, and expect some form of evolutions since he is inspired by the Scorbunny evolutions from Pokémon. 

Not enough info about the upcoming season? Check out what Riot has planned for Patch 12.23, the final patch of 2022: 

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What Position Will the Next Champion Play?

The next champion is going to be a support. As just mentioned he will be an enchanter in the bot lane, so we expect him to shield and heal his allies, but how he will do that is still under wraps so we will have to be a  bit more patient until we know more about this champion. 

What Abilities Will the New Support Champ Have?

Nothing has been revealed yet, but we do know that he will be able to heal. In the interview with Riot China, it was stated that the upcoming support will be a 'fire healer'. So we expect his abilities to shield and heal allies with fire. 

Ixtal has a lot of elemental energy so it makes sense for this young boy to use an element of sorts. The elemental drakes all come from Ixtal according to lore, so this will only spice things up. 

When Will the Support Champion Be Released?

The support champion will be released in early 2023. According to the League of Legends champion roadmap, he will be released after the Ahri ASU, which is set to go live pretty early in 2023, as well as the Aurelion Sol CGU which should come right after. 

So we could expect him to be released around LoL Patch 13.4 or 13.5. This hasn't been confirmed yet though and we will make sure to update the article with more information once we find out more about the upcoming Ixtal support champion. 

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