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Is this legit?

Neeko's Mid Scope Abilities Might Have Leaked

Bewitching Neeko
Will this improve her kit? | © Riot Games

Neeko's Mid-Scope Update is set to release in 2023, but we might have already been spoiled ahead of time with a few leaked abilities. Let's go over the potential update to Neeko's kit right now and whether this is the change the unique champion needs to make her more popular. 

Neeko's Mid-Scope Update was expected to come out in 2022, but it's been pushed back to make it as good as possible. While these are leaks from confirmed leaker BigBadBear, they might be outdated, which he states as well. So take any and all information here with a grain of salt. 

LoL Neeko Mid-Scope Update: Leaked Abilities

As just mentioned, leaker BigBadBear has revealed the potential new abilities to Neeko's Mid-Scope Update kit. Let's go over the abilities right now. 

Passive - Shoma Essence

  • Neeko's Attacks deal additional magic damage. Every third attack, Neeko's next three attacks happen as one but each only at 60% effectiveness and Neeko gains 10% move speed for 1 second. 

This is basically the passive of Neeko's current W. This already indicated that Riot is going to make some big changes to her W in this Mid-Scope Update. The third attack would be counted as a triple auto which would already improve her passive. 

Q - Blooming Burst

  • Neeko throws a seed that blooms 3 times dealing magic damage. The last bloom also deals a % of mission health as magic damage instead and affects a larger area. 

This ability has basically stayed the same from her original Q. The only big difference here from her original kit is that it will always bloom, while in her current state the Q would only bloom when killing an enemy or a large monster. This makes her Q much more reliable and better to use. 

W - Shapesplitter 

  • Neeko and her closest ally in range briefly slip out of sight, granting invisibility. Neeko disguises herself as that ally for 3 seconds and projects a clone that lasts for 3 seconds. Neeko, her ally and the clone gain 20% move speed for 3 seconds. When the clone expires, collides with an enemy champion or is hit, it turns into a Blooming Burst.

This ability probably got the most change. Riot has decided to give it a bit of a unique twist by involving close allies as well, giving them invisibility, as well as a large amount of extra move speed. You can now also use the clone as a projectile to poke down enemies when needed. 

R - Pop Blossom

  • Neeko wins up with Shoma Essence over 1.5 seconds, causing a burst dealing magic damage and applying stacking 33% slow to nearby enemies hit for 1 second every 0.5 seconds. For the last burst, Neeko leaps into the air and deals magic damage instead. 

This ability is almost the same to her previous ultimate, only this time we're getting three bursts instead of just one. The first two bursts deal less damage, but slow enemies while the third and final blow would be similar to the current iteration of her ultimate. 

So, there you have it, these are the potential new abilities for Neeko. Would you think that this will be her upcoming kit or is Riot going to ruin her kit? Overall this does sound much stronger than before, especially with her reworked passive and W.