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Milio is coming!

New LoL Champion Milio Release Hinted At With PBE Easter Egg

Ixtal Enchanter Champion
Look at those cute flames belonging to Milio the newest LoL Champion. | © Riot Games

Milio is the new League of Legends champion and while his release has not been confirmed yet, there are some hints on the PBE server which could show that he is going to be added to live servers, very soon. If you're a support player and enjoy some enchanters, then this new addition to the lineup is who you should keep an eye on. 

So what hints has Riot dropped regarding the newest addition on Summoner's Rift and when can you expect Milio to go live? 

New LoL Champion Milio Hints on the LoL PBE Server

Milio is going to be the next League of Legends champion. We know that he is a male enchanter from Ixtal and if we can believe the leaks that have come out about him, then he is going to be able to either heal and shield allies, or have a second form with which he has crowd control abilities. 

He sounds exciting and like a lot of fun, which is why players are hyped to test out this champion. On the PBE there is already a little Easter egg. If you go to the bot lane alcove you'll be able to see the bottom fire. Instead of a regular flame it looks like a flame from the Milio trailer image Riot has revealed already. 

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If you're playing a champion like Qiyana or Nidalee the flame will react and dance on the spot. Cute, right? This could be a hint that Milio is closer than we might believe, right? 

Not only that, but we know that Nidalee will also be receiving some new voice lines and a new voice-over. She will also have voice lines with Milio, so we think that her new VO is going to be coming with Milio's release as well. 

Fans Beliee to Know Milio's Release Date

With all the information and the hints Riot has dropped, many believe the champion to be released in LoL Patch 13.5. The current PBE does not include Milio, so him entering the rift on the PBE Patch 13.5 makes a lot of sense. So, get ready for LoL Patch 13.5 when this new enchanter will likely hit the rift. 

After Milio, players can get excited for a new assassin in the mid lane. This monster champion will be quite unique and she will also be a Darkin, something fans have been waiting for for a long time. Are you hyped for these champions or you just want Riot to properly balance the game before adding new OP champs?

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