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Who is the New Darkin Dagger Champion?

Darkin Dagger Champion
Death's Dance... is that you? | © Riot Games

Death's Dance is finally receiving their very own champion. At least that is what it looks like when you compare the item icon to the image we see above, right? Right. But all jokes aside, we know we're finally getting a new Darkin champion, but now we have some important questions to ask. 

Riot has just revealed three brand-new Darkin characters in Legends of Runeterra. Add in the recent League of Legends champion roadmap and we've got four whole new Darkin champions entering the world of Runeterra and we're hyped for some edgelord and dark champions right, but who... or rather what will be wielding the Darkin dagger? 


New Darkin Champion: Will the Darkin Dagger be a Human? 

This champion will likely not be a human. Riot has revealed that they are working on a creature champion that will actually look like a creature – looking at you Bel'Veth. A lot of fans have theorized that the Darkin dagger will actually be held by a dog. Wait, but how does a dog even hold a dagger? Well, Dark Souls did it right, giving a broadsword to a giant pupper called Sif, so maybe we can expect something similar on the Rift? 

But, we could also get something much more sinister. Maybe a mutated form of an animal, like a Chimera could be in the works as well. The blade does look beastly with a snake-like eye, right? Oh, and the fact that this Darkin will be a woman, and well... according to Greek mythology Chimera are female creatures... so we are connecting some dots here. 

 Do We Know Who the Darkin Dagger Will Be? 

Most of the Darkin were trapped into Sivir's Chalicar by the Aspect of Twilight – the previous one... not Zoe – but a few did manage to escape but they were later trapped in other weapons seeking to be held by unsuspecting humans to gain power and bodies once more. At first many thought only five had escaped, but there are likely more Darkin waiting in Runeterra, waiting to be found. 


We don't know for sure who the next Darkin champion will be, but some have theorized that this champion could be related to another Darkin we're already quite familiar with. According to League of Legends lore, Varus had a sister and he went to Shurima to find her. 

When looking at the image above it seems like the dagger is somewhere in a desert, so could this be the Shuriman desert? Could this be Varus' sister Valeeva? It would make sense and we love some lore continuation for champions, right? 

Will Death's Dance Actually Be the Darkin? 

As mentioned above, the current item Death's Dance resembles the concept art of the new character... a lot. So, maybe that is another hint at what this upcoming champion will be able to do. Will they have some life steal abilities or even have some sort of healing execute ultimate...? So many options, but it's all still a mystery. Riot give us more answers!

When Will the New Darkin Champion Release? 

The release of the Darkin champion has been pushed back. After the August 2022 Roadmap video aired, Reav3 went to Reddit to explain that since filming the roadmap a few things have changed and that the upcoming champion from Ixtal will be released ahead of the Darkin Champion. 

So, if you're hyped for this Darkin, then you will have to wait a bit longer, because it seems like Riot is going to be taking their time with them. With the new champion philosophy of pumping out less new champions each year, this also makes sense. So, hopefully we get the Darkin Dagger in the first half of 2023.