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Why Nilah Is The Best New Champion In A Long Time

Champions 30-07-2022 14:00
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Nilah is the best new champion that we've received in a while. Why is that? Well, let me explain it to you.

League of Legends doesn't release as many new champions a year as I would like. Then again, I understand why. With so many to choose from already, adding another 20+ a year would make the champion selection process very difficult

However, with the little amount that do get released, people then naturally jump on the newest releases like flies on... well, you know.

There will always be negative things to say about new champions, but some get more hate than others. Hate that is often justified... at least in the minds of the people hating.

Nilah is the newest released champion and if anyone says anything bad about her, I'll fight you. She's by far the coolest and best champion that Riot has released in a long time.

Vex, for example, hasn't really been accepted with open arms...

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Why Nilah Is An Amazing Champion

First of all, she looks amazing. But then again, I don't want to base my entire argument on her looks, so I just wanted to get that out of the way (however, if she wanted to step on me, I'd let her, just putting that out there). 

Her abilities might not be unique, she's a mixture of so many champions, but almost all the new releases are. With over 160 champs, it gets harder and harder to make unique abilities. But the reason why Nilah and her abilities are so cool is because the mixture makes it. Additionally, the fact that she's a melee bot laner makes her even more fun to play. 

The way she jumps around the Rift reminds us of Zeri, but better. 

One of the main reasons, maybe even the main reason, why I love her so much, though, is her lore. Yes, the world that Riot has been building over the last years is amazing, but discovering new places like with Nilah is what sold the deal for me. As much as I love Freljord, Piltover and all the other cool places, I absolutely loved to discover a new part of Runeterra with Nilah's release.

It's important to mix things up in a game as old as League of Legends and for me, Riot finally achieved this with Nilah.