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New Pick-Ban System Coming To Pro Play?

Esports 18-07-2022 12:23
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Will the new Pick-Ban System come to the other leagues? | © Riot Games

The LDL is the secondary LPL league, and it features 24 different teams. 17 academy teams from LPL teams, and seven independent teams. The LDL has a really weird format, and this year, they introduced a unique and new draft system called 'Fearless Call'. We all know that League has a lot of champions, and with only ten bans available, it's getting harder and harder to choose what champions you want to ban. It's impossible to ban all the OP champions, and it always feels like some just slip through. But all those problems could be eliminated with this new draft system.

How Does The 'Fearless Call' Draft System Work?

The Fearless Call draft system is a unique draft system that can be implemented into best-of three leagues, which means it won't be coming to the LEC or LCS if it does make the breakthrough. It would mainly impact the LPL and LCK, since those leagues are played in a best-of three format. This draft system could help solve some problems, regarding the massive champ pool available in League of Legends. So what exactly is Fearless Call, and how does it work?

Fearless Call main goal is to limit each of the team's champion pool. It does this by banning champions outside the banning phase, making them unavailable for a team. Let's say Team A picks GP, Lee Sin, Ahri, Lucian and Nami and Team B drafts Gwen, Viego, Azir, Ezreal and Yuumi. In game two, both teams could choose those champions again, and though unlikely, we could end up with the two exact team comps or at least a lot of the same champions. In Fearless Call, however, a team can't pick a champion, they previously played


So, in this example, Team A wouldn't be allowed to pick GP, Lee Sin, Ahri, Lucian and Nami anymore and Team B wouldn't be allowed to pick any of their previous champions. But Team B could pick any of the champs Team A previously played. A champion only becomes unavailable, when your team played it. Let's just say, the draft reverses itself and Team A picks Gwen, Viego, Azir, Ezreal and Yuumi and Team B picks GP, Lee Sin, Ahri, Lucian and Nami, then those champions would become unavailable for both teams in game 3. This would basically get rid of ten different meta champions for game 3, and it would force teams to be extremely creative or flexible, when it comes to their team comps

And that is basically all there is to the Fearless Call draft system. What do you think, could this be implemented into the bigger leagues? Or does this get rid of too many champions? For leagues like the LCS or LEC, a different solution is needed. But all they would need, is an increase in the bans, so instead of ten bans they could increase the number to 16. But for now, things will remain the same, and we'll have to see how this new draft system is received in the LDL. 

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