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Riot needs to tone it down

The Most Overloaded Kits in League of Legends

Cyberpop Akshan
Akshan has so many things going on... | © Riot Games

New League of Legends champions just seem to have everything within their kit. They can heal, stun, deal AoE damage and burst opponents down, all within one single ability... But which champions are the worst when it comes to overloaded kits? 

With powercreep becoming a bigger and bigger issue in League of Legends, it seems like every champion released is getting more complicated with more things in their kit. Abilities and passive abilities take a PhD to understand, almost, so it's about time to check out the worst offenders in ther overloaded kit problem. 


What Does 'Overloaded Kit' Mean? 

Overloaded kit just means a champion has multiple aspects within their kit squished together. This does not mean that the champion is inherently overpowered. A champion can have a bunch of aspects – such as heals, dashes, true damage, etc – to their kit and still be manageable.

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Which Champions Have the Most Overloaded Kit? 

5. Camille 

Camille is one prime example of an overloaded kit, but one that seems to work in both solo queue and pro play without seeming too overpowered. You'll need to put hours in to master her, but her abilities are the furthest thing from simple and straightforward. Just her E alone does way too much for one single ability. 

Program Camille
Let's check out just what this champ can do. | © Riot Games

When looking at Camille's E you'll think, alright it's a cool dash, but when taking five minutes to really read everything about the ability you realize there is much more to it. You have a dash, which gets longer when dashing towards opponent champions. She gains the ability to ghost for 4 seconds and it's got a stun? Let's not forget the added attack speed she gains as well. 

That's a mouth full, and this only describes a single ability Camille has. The rest of her kit has just as much content in it, making her one of the most overloaded champions in League of Legends. 


4. Akali

Another overloaded champion we have to talk about is none other than Akali who has multiple dashes in her kit, one of which doesn't have a range limit and she's got an AoE spameable ability that slows, becomes invisible and faster. 

She used to be worse before her re-work. | © Riot Games

Now, we do admit that Akali was once even worse with her overloaded kit having the ability to basically heal at all times, but she's still one of the main offenders when we think of overloaded champion kits. She's able to slow opponents with her Q, gain speed with her W and dash around with her E. 

With such a stuffed kit, it's hard for Riot to properly buff her, since a single stat change can make her completely OP in pro play. So, do you think that her kit is overloaded as well?


3. Akshan 

Akshan is one of the newest League of Legends champions and like many other new champions it feels like his kit has everything and anything in it. He's got stealth, a dash, a shield in his passive and much, much more. The release of Akshan has brought back the discussion of overloaded champions. 

Seriously, most players are still confused about the W passive, which can revive fallen allies. Seriously, he also gains added move speed towards scoundrels, permanent stealth and bonus gold if he manages a takedown. Compare that to an Amumu Q guys. 

If anyone wants to pick up Akshan you'll seriously have to sit down for a good half hour to go over each and every ability, because there is so much packed into one champion right there it'll take some time. 

2. Thresh 

If we are looking at overloaded kits and supports, then Thresh is probably the champion you're going to find. He's got insane scaling power thanks to his passive, and his abilities only make him so much stronger in the long run. Oh, and just how much you can do with him is truly insane and any good Thresh player should be feared in solo queue. 

Thresh Skin
Thresh has a truly great kit, but it's a lot. | © Riot Games

Thresh can use his Q as both an engage and disengage tool, which is still pretty tame. Combining his Q with his E means that no enemy can escape him and his lane partner. His lantern can also be used as a shield, an aid for immobile champion or an escape tool for fights. Seriously, the only thing Thresh is missing is a heal. 

Thresh might not seem overpowered, but his kit does have a lot to it. Sure, it's much more intuitive than other overloaded kits in this list, but he is one of the champions that you can do the most with. The insane Armor and AP scaling is also great for the late game. 

1. Yone 

Yone is probably one of the most overloaded champions in all of League of Legends. He's got the finesse and mobility of an assassin and the strength and fighting power of a skirmisher. With those qualities, he's got to have an overloaded kit, right? 

Spirit Blossom Yone
Okay, but how awesome does Yone look? | © Riot Games

You can't talk about overloaded kits and not mention Yone, right? Not only does he deal both magic and attack damage, but he's also got on-hit and on-attack effects in his kit. Did you think that's where it ends, though? Not at all. He's got multiple dashes in his kit, a shield and reliable knock-ups and AoE damage. 

That's a mouthful, eh? Seriously, if you're looking for a champion that can do everything, then just pick Yone. If he needs some lifesteal then just build Shieldbow and then Yone truly has everything in his kit. 

There are multiple champions in League of Legends that do a thousand things. These are some of the champions with the most overloaded kits, but as mentioned, this doesn't mean that they're generally OP. Just very hard to balance.