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You know an ability is powerful when you have to bait it out so that you have a chance of winning.

Most Powerful Abilities in League of Legends

Champions 24-02-2022 10:40
Blitzcrank 0
Just don't hook Illaoi, for the love of God | © Riot Games

It doesn't take much for an average League of Legends player to deem a champion as abusing the meta, on the basis of an overpowered ability they have. Here we've gathered the most powerful abilities across the entirety of the League of Legends champions pool. Not including Renata Glasc of course, as it still remains to be seen how she will turn out.

Abilities in League of Legends come in all shapes and sizes, from those that deal unimaginable amounts of damage, to those that render anything you do irrelevant. Some, even, put a timer on your game knowing you will lose if you let them stack up to their full potential.

Most Powerful Non-Ultimate Abilities in LoL

Ultimate abilities, as their name says, are meant to be powerful. As the old adage goes, when everyone is powerful, no one really is. Basic abilities, as the non-ultimate abilities are called, on the other hand, vary greatly.

3. Samira - Blade Whirl

Remember when Riot Games, as an April Fools' joke, released a supposedly updated Yasuo windwall? Well, that is, basically, what they've given Samira, one of bot lane hypercarries.

Space Groove Samira
Rule of thumb is, if they wear an eyepatch, they are OP | © Riot Games

It doesn't matter whether you're playing an engage support, a burst assassin, or a long-range mage, Samira's Blade Whirl is here to ruin your day. All she has to do is press one button to negate your carefully executed combo, making you either over-extended or down on your cooldowns, all of this on a champion whose role is supposed to be prone to getting burst. Talk about an annoying champion.

2. Lulu - Whimsy

There are two ways to use Lulu's W ability, either as a speed-buff or as the infamous Polymorph. The true usage of this ability is always the latter one.

Bittersweet Lulu
Uh, you gonna eat that cake, Lulu? | © Riot Games

For some reason, this ability is considered a soft crowd control ability in the game. Taking into account that it turns one into a critter, incapable of doing anything other than running around with a capped movement speed, we beg to differ. All in all, it's an Exhaust summoner spell with a much shorter cooldown, and an added silence to boot.

1. Blitzcrank - Rocket Grab

League of Legends has no shortage of champions with some sort of hooking mechanic. The most iconic one, though, is Blitzcrank. We are convinced that the tooltip given by Riot Games, "the threat of an ability is sometimes more dangerous than the usage of an ability", was made with this exact ability in mind.

If you have the pay-to-win skin, it's even better | © Riot Games

When taking a look at all interactions between hooks on each League of Legends champion, it's Blitzcrank's that always has priority. Adding in the fact that it completely pulls an enemy champion towards you, is not affected by terrain, and has no wind-up or channeling time, we consider the Blitzcrank hook the basic ability that, at the right moment, is capable of winning a game.

Most Powerful Ultimate Abilities in LoL

Though we've stated that Ultimate abilities in League of Legends are meant to be powerful, as they define a champion, some are just better than others, and here are the most powerful ultimate abilities in the game.

3. Malphite

Just the mention of Malphite's Ultimate is enough to send shivers down a squishy champion's spine. Especially if they're an ADC, with little to no survivability on their own.

Malphite 0
A mountain is flying at you headfirst, enough said | © Riot Games

With a scaling catering to both Malphite builds, the AP and the tank one, there is a reason why Malphite's Ultimate is what makes him an actual champion, rather than just a walking punching bag.

2. Seraphine

When taking into account mage and enchanter supports, the greatest challenge to playing them correctly is knowing where to position to achieve the best effect with your abilities. Seraphine's Ultimate takes care of this problem.

Hitting a four or five-man hard crowd control Ultimate with any champion is cause for celebration. With seraphine, it's almost an expectation due to her Ultimate's ability to extend with every allied and enemy champion it hits, allowing you to turn the tide of a team fight from two screens away.

1. Veigar

You've managed to avoid his lane-wide stun field, only been clipped by his Q and avoided his W, and now you're ready to destroy the yordle once and for all. Until he presses the outplay button, that is.

Veigar greybeard skin splash
I remember Gandalf being a bit taller| © Riot Games

Veigar is one of the most straightforward mid-lane champions one can learn. Unlike most AP casters, however, his ultimate is a point and click ability, and as such can not be avoided, and that is where its strength lies, its consistent performance no matter the player skill. No matter what you do, unless you can tank his stack-empowered Ultimate ability, make your peace with looking at a grey screen.

Most Powerful League of Legends Abilities: Honorable Mentions

After taking a look at the top three most powerful basic abilities and ultimates, it's only right to mention some other abilities that we wish League of Legends could live without:

  • Master Yi - Alpha Strike,
  • Talon - Assassin's Path,
  • Fizz - Playful/Trickster
  • Morgana - Black Shield
  • Zilean - Time Warp
  • Tryndamere - Undying Rage
  • Nasus - Wither

Wow, once we started going down the rabbit hole, it just seemed to extend further and further. It just goes to show, as the developers say that League of Legends is a balanced game, and champions are exactly where they need to be.

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