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Heimerdinger Is In Need of Better Lore

Champions 04-01-2024 16:06

Thanks to Arcane players and fans of League finally got a glimpse of some cool lore, but one of the main characters from the show was clearly lacking...

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Can we improve his lore? | © Riot Games

With Arcane having been such a big hit throughout the world, we got glimpses of various League of Legends characters that we’d barely given a second thought before. Viktor? Completely irrelevant before Arcane. Jayce? He was nothing more than a hard to plat top laner with an attitude problem.

One champion though stands out in that regard. Which champion is in dire need of some new lore and some more love from the Riot Games narrative team. He’s got a single paragraph of lore, so let’s dissect what we can and see where we can improve.

What is Heimerdinger’s Lore?

So, the only thing we can learn from Heimer’s lore is that his full name is Cecil. B. Heimerdinger. We also know that he is someone who believes in sharing information and knowledge, passing it down to others so that life can continue to evolve.

Anything else? Nope. How did he end up in Piltover? How long has he been there? Why did he leave Banlde City to explore the physical realm of Runeterra? What experiments is he most proud of?

Does His Color Story Give More Context?

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Since his actual love on the universe page of Riot Games gave us absolutely nothing which can flesh out his character, we’ve decided to check out his color story as well. At least he’s got one, unlike Shaco who hasn’t even gotten that from Riot Games.

Thankfully, in the color story, which are journal entries Heimerdinger created while he still lived in Bandle City, we learn a bit more about his character and who he truly is. Right off the bat, we realize that inventions and furthering his knowledge is what drives Heimerdinger forward.

He sees children playing with a ball, but not throwing it optimally, which prompts him to build a perfect pitching machine, though it is far too powerful. This machine is what any Heimer main will know as his turrets in the future.

Heimerdinger arcane
Heimer was so cool in Arcane. | © Riot Games

When a giant attacks, Heimerdinger does nothing to try and defend Bandle City, merely continuing to work on his research. Once the giant leaves, the city congratulates him, because a young Yordle used the automated pitching machine to defend the town.

That’s it, that’s the lore. Do we learn more about Heimer? Yes, yes we do, but it’s still lacking in comparison to the Arcane version of Heimerdinger we got to witness in the hit Netflix series.

What Can Be Improved in Heimerdinger’s Lore?

The most important aspect of Heimerdinger’s lore is probably the lore itself. New champions have full-fleshed backstories, while players have to go into his color story to actually get a glimpse of Heimerdinger’s personality — which is rather stoic and analytical.

The point of the color story is merely to add a bit of ‘flesh’ to the lore, but in Heimerdinger’s case, his color story practically is his only piece of lore. So, Riot should definitely flesh out the main source of information first with the color story as an aid on the side.

Maybe write a piece on how Heimerdinger actually made it to Piltover, how he helped found the city and the university. Anything to give players insight into his character and who the champion is that they play. Seriously Riot, Heimerdinger is more than Cho’Gath and Kog’Maw who are mere mindless Void creatures.

Give this Yordle some decent lore that we can celebrate and enjoy Riot! Please!

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