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5 Reasons Why Morgana Should Be Deleted From LoL

Champions 16-09-2023 11:00

Morgana is a simple champion: she can root you from afar, deal some extra damage with her weird puddle, deny crowd control with her black shield and dodge all of your engage with her own stopwatch. She is the bane of every engage support's existence, and they probably have more than five reasons to delete Morgana from League of Legends.

Dawnbringer Morgana
Morgana has terrorized us for too long – Riot, please hear us out on our five reasons to delete Morgana! | © Riot Games

As one of the original mage supports in League of Legends, Morgana has seen a lot of time on Summoner's Rift. However, this also means that her kit is slowly getting outdated. While she is not aging quite as badly as other champions, she still does not have a place in the game like this – why would any champion be allowed to immobilize me for the next ten games?

Apart from that, she also makes it impossible to stunlock her own carries – by the press of a single button? How is this fair? Well, it is absolutely not! This is just the beginning – Riot, please delete Morgana from League of Legends already!

1. Morgana Sucks Because She Chain-CC's You Forever

Crowd control is one of the most important aspects of League of Legends. Without crowd control, you would have a really hard time to stop the Samiras, Master Yis and Katarinas in your games from running around and 'outplaying' everyone. Unfortunately, this can quickly go the wrong way when there is too much crowd control in the game.

This is the case with Morgana. With enough ability haste and the help of Everfrost, she can theoretically trap you in a crowd control chain FOREVER. With a combo of Q – Dark Binding + Everfrost's Glaciate + Q – Dark Binding again + R – Soul Shackles + yet another Q – Dark Binding, she can potentially lock you down for up to 12 seconds! 

While this is really difficult to pull off in an actual game of League of Legends, it is theoretically possible once Morgana reaches 120 ability haste. While that is an incredibly high value, a build featuring Cosmic Drive has no big issue hitting that value. Even at lower ability haste values where you can only cast her Dark Binding twice, you can still lock people down for nine seconds at once. Crazy!

2. Morgana Sucks Because You Can't Engage Her Or Her Teammates

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Surely a champion that catches you from way too far away can easily be caught out, like an artillery mage or a marksman? NOPE. Morgana can keep herself safe from any sort of crowd control with her E – Black Shield. Not even a surpression will lock you down! 

As if this was not strong enough already, she can also cast it onto her teammates. Trying to lock Master Yi down? Good luck with that! You will have to waste a potent magic spell to crack the shield immediately, which then makes killing him harder. It gets worse if your team does not have enough magic damage to kill Morgana's carry: no crowd control for an entire five seconds!

Most champions with potent engage will at least have a lower cooldown on their crowd control-inflicting spells than Morgana does on her Black Shield. However, if you are unlucky enough to have to play Blitzcrank into her, you will have a similar cooldown and therefore a really bad time.

3. Morgana Sucks Because She Was Already Reworked Once

Usually, a rework takes a well-working fantasy on an aging champion and gives them a modernized kit. Sometimes, their kit is also fully reimagined to better fit their lore or their place in the universe, and sometimes they also just kill off the entire champion concept and create a new champion under the same name (hello, Aatrox!). 

Morgana, on the other hand, was promised a small gameplay update when her sister Kayle was announced to receive a VGU – something like Ezreal, who was given a new model and his new W – Spell Flux. This would have been the perfect chance to push her into a clear direction – but Riot did not pull through with it.

Instead, Riot changed her spell functionality slightly, but her spells stayed pretty much the same. This is not an appropriate rework, but definitely an excuse to why she holds up to modern standards – and we do not think that is what she needed.

4. Morgana Sucks Because She Ruins Her Bot Laner's Wave State All The Time

One spell that is extremely popular among Morgana players is her W – Tormented Shadow. This is for good reason – it is a reliable clear tool for minion waves and jungle camps, and it also helps her to poke as a support. This, however, creates a very special problem: if the enemy bot laners are standing in the middle of their minion waves – which they do a lot to evade her Dark Binding – Morgana will have to toss her Tormented Shadow into the enemy minion wave too.

Since minions are awful at dodging – unless you are trying to kill a cannon minion with a skillshot, of course – they will not step out of her Tormented Shadow and eat all the damage they can get. This means your support will make you push, even if you do not want to. While bot laners are pretty much used to that thanks to Lux players, it can still cause some difficult wave states. 

5. Morgana Sucks Because She Is Not Even Good

Coven Morgana
At least Morgana's skins don't disappoint. | © Riot Games

Since her visual update, Morgana has one of the most beautiful in-game models and exciting fantasies in all of League of Legends. Her spell visuals and sound effects also live up to that – but her gameplay does not! 

A big issue is that Morgana stands and falls with her Black Shield – if that spell is strong, Morgana is strong. If that spell is weak, Morgana is close to being useless. Exceptions have been rare in recent years, but if they were there, it was because her wave and jungle clear was either very strong or overtuned. 

This means that, even if you pick her up for her most unique spell, she feels like a shield bot. This makes her feel pretty underwhelming. Is this the only way you want Morgana players to shine, Riot Games?

Currently, Morgana is in a very weak spot and players still hesitate to pick her up, even when the enemy team is crowd control-heavy. This even makes you feel bad for Morgana – at least until you remember what she does to you when you get hit by her crowd control chain.

These are our top five reasons to delete Morgana. We really much like her lore, so we do think that she should stick around in Legends of Runeterra. However, her sheer presence in League of Legends has caused enough trouble to all fans of engage supports – Riot, please delete her already!

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