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The only reason he's even known, is that he is half a champion.

League of Legends Rhaast Lore: How He Relates to Naafiri

Champions 27-04-2024 12:00

There are multiple Darkin on Summoner's Rift, but how do they relate to one another, especially Rhaast and Naafiri?

Sowing confusion seems to be Rhaast's modus operandi | © Riot Games

It has been hundreds of years, since the Darkin have warred across Runterra, and now they are awakening one by one, seeking ends only known and understandable by themselves.

One of the newest champions, Naafiri, is one of their number, and we explore what kind of connection she has with the current Darkin LoL champions. In this case, it's Rhaast.

League of Legends: Rhaast - Lore

Rhaast is a peculiar kind of Darkin in the League of Legends universe, as his story and personality differ from the main Darkin characters, champions or otherwise.

The first thing, after all, is how little we know of Rhaast himself, due to the lack of stories that portray Rhaast during the Shuriman Empire as an Ascended, or during the Darkin wars, whereas Aatrox and Varus have plenty.

Furthermore, unlike the rest of the Darkin, who are portrayed as broken people, who despise themselves for how low they have fallen, Rhaast seems to genuinely enjoy slaughter and does not see the rest of the Darkin as they still see themselves, as brothers and sisters.

Twilight of the gods
The beginning of the end for the Darkin | © Riot Games

We know from the tale titled "Twilight of the Gods", which is the only mention of Darkin Wars Rhaast, that he had sworn to kill the Darkin called Xuuyan himself.

Just how viable that would be is hard to say, however, as Rhaast doesn't even have the power to take dominion of one mortal's body, namely Kayn, and is instead still in weapon form, even while being wielded.

Most of the known lore regarding Rhaast revolves around him being in sealed form, and either the Noxians trying to use him as a power source, or Kayn stealing him at the orders of Zed. All in all, it doesn't paint a picture of a powerful warrior usually associated with the Darkin.

Rhaast - Relation To Naafiri

Each and every Darkin mentioned has had a special characteristic portrayed with their choice of weapon relating to them. Aatrox, the general and vanguard, wields a greatsword, while Varus, the long-range assassin, wields a bow.

Rhaast wields a scythe and plays as a kind of skirmisher as a champion in League of Legends. It can be theorized that his function in the Ascended host was acting as an auxiliary softening up enemy troops, before the main army hit.

Rhaast header
Rhaast is my favorite Darkin. | © Riot Games

Naafiri herself uses a dagger, and takes the form of a pack of wolves or hounds, acting as a close-range assassin, or even hunting down retreating targets, which would put her in a similar position as Rhaast.

Though, seeing how unimportant Rhaast himself seems to be, perhaps we are looking too far into things, and he was never around anything monumental that happened, where Naafiri could participate.

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