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This League of Legends champion should just be auto-banned from ranked games

Riot Dev Explains Why They Chose Yuumi As A Champ For New Players

Yuumi and Jinx
You and Me = Yuumi... | © Riot Games

Of course, it's time to talk about everyone's favorite League of Legends champion once more. Yuumi is once again on the forefront of drama, with her still being a key pick in the professional League of Legends meta and fans have had enough. 

Now, Lead Designer on the League of Legends balance team has outlined the direction they're going to take Yuumi on and also gave some reasoning behind the balance team's decision. 


Riot Looking to Make Yuumi Beginner-Only Pick

While Yuumi has been one of the most prominent picks in pro play, with her being one of the most banned champions in League of Legends at the World Championship in both 2022 and 2021, it seems that that is what Riot wants to avoid in the future. 

Instead, they're going to focus on Yuumi becoming the most prominent pick for true beginner players in League of Legends. Phroxzon explained that Yuumi gives new players a chance to safely play alongside their friends who might have a much higher Matchmaking Rating (MMR). 

The balance team belives that new players need to be supported in some ways and a champion like Yuumi, who isn't mechanically demanding, allows these players to get a glimpse of League of Legends and decide whether it's a game they want to spend hours on. 

For people who just want to have fun with friends, going 0-10 because you got caught trying to ward as Sona isn't the most conducive way to having fun. We want better ways for new players to play with high skilled friends without getting turbostomped, but will take some time

Are you a new player trying to master the world of Runeterra? Don't play K'Sante:

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Fans Believe Beginners Need Better Tutorials

While it is true that Yuumi offers a great entry to League of Legends, some players believe that Riot shouldn't just cater with champions to new players, but also do something about the current tutorial system. One user on Reddit wondered why Riot wasn't adding multiple tutorials in the client for new players. 

How about making a more extensive introduction to League of Legends for new players? Meaning having multiple tutorials on various things, like last hitting, warding, just basic movement, etc.

Other players echoed this sentiment, stating that some didn't even know what the jungle position was when they started since smite is locked until a certain level and throughout the tutorial champions just run it down mid. Playing against bots also doesn't offer much in terms of learning how to jungle since bot games are always 2-1-2. 

Whether the issue for new players lies in the champion choices they have or the lack of explanation they get, one thing is for sure, Yuumi is a champion that should not belong in pro play and should just offer a fun experience for players trying out the game with their friends and learning the ropes of League of Legends. re

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