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Riot Will Quickly Replace Anti-Cheat in League of Legends

League of Legends Dev States They Will Speed Up Anti-Cheat Improvements

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Riot is looking to improve their anti-cheat quickly. | © Riot Games

Recently source code for League of Legends and other Riot titles were stolen during a Social Engineering Attack. Because of this, the developers and anti-cheat team of League of Legends are buckling up to get a new and better anti-cheat out to players as soon as possible. 

Riot released further information on Twitter regarding the stolen content and how this can impact players everyday experiences on Summoner's Rift. One of the issues Riot is worrying about is increased cheating in the game, which is why they're doubling down on their anti-cheat system. 


Riot Will Try to Accelerate New Anti-Cheat System

After the fallout of the awful League of Legends Season 13 start, Riot Meddler and Riot Brightmoon took a candid video in which they explained what the team was planning for 2023. One of the things that they were looking to upgrade in 2023 was their anti-cheat system. 

With this breach of security, Riot Meddler has stated on Reddit that they might expedite the anti-cheat systems and accelerate the process of improving it. With source code having been stolen there is a higher chance of cheaters, which is not what Riot wants in their game. 

Being honest, there is some meaningful risk of additional cheating happening when stuff like this happens. One silver lining is that as we mentioned briefliy in that video a week or two back, updating anti-cheat with a new system was something we were looking to do anyways in 2023. Going ot try and accelerate that work given all of this. 

Sometimes Solo Queue just feels like one big cheat... 

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Anti-Cheat Could Impact Content Creators

SkinSpotlights, a well-known content creator who gives fans turnarounds of new skins and champions, has explained on Twitter that depending on which route Riot takes with their new anti-cheat, it could have a huge impact on his content and his channel. 

He explained that if Riot keeps the anti-cheat similar to how it works now then everything should be fine, but if they decide to go down the Vanguard route, like VALORANT, with the kernel anti-cheat then there could be complications for future content. 

Though some fans on Twitter have stated that they doubt Riot will implement Vanguard for League of Legends since the game still runs on MacOS which doesn't let them run kernel anti-cheat systems. Until Riot reveals more information we won't know what they've got planned for anti-cheat in League of Legends though. 

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