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Will Riot Games disable the cat for the rest of Worlds 2022?

The Biggest Issue with Yuumi at Worlds 2022

News 14-10-2022 15:00
Yuumi Lo L
Yuumi dominates the Worlds 2022 stage | © Riot Games

The infamous League of Legends cat, Yuumi, has made many people infested with a deep hatred towards her in their Solo Queue games. But which issues are people having with the champion at the current LoL World Championship?

Yuumi has made her way into the League of Legends Worlds Championship, and many fans and players are unhappy. 

Currently, in the Worlds 2022 Group Stage, Yuumi has the second most bans, only surpassed by Caitlynn. Until now, she is also one of the champions with the highest win rate. 

But what has made this champion such a broken pick in Worlds 2022 so far, and will she be disabled continuing on forwards? 

The Problem with Yuumi  (Rito PLS)

100 % Win Rate Worlds 2022

Yes, you read right. Yuumi currently holds a 100% win rate in the Worlds 2022 Group Stage. 

Now, Yuumi might share the poll of the highest win rate with other champions, like Sivir, Ahri, and Orianna. However, with the addition of her very high presence (90%), it becomes clear why she is even stronger than the other champions sharing her standing of highest win rate.

But what makes this pick so strong in particular, and should she be removed from the game? Let’s check it out together.

Yuumi Deals Tons of Damage with Small Gold Income

Yuumi Patch 11 20 Bewitching skin
Looking at her stats, maybe Yuumi is the scariest thing this Halloween? | © Riot Games

To understand the issue with Yuumi, let's take a look at the previous Fnatic vs. T1 game. 

In that game, T1 Keria played Yuumi against Fnatic Hyllisang's Nami. The game ended in T1's favor after a 29-minute long game where Fnatic only managed to take one turret of T1 compared to T1's eleven turrets taken from Fnatic. 

Looking at the post-game stats shown by LEC caster Medic, we are given an unpleasant surprise.

PlayerDamage DealtGold Earned
Yone - T1 Zeus19 97612 787
Sejuani - T1 Oner8 73210 136
Sylas - T1 Faker13 56611 383
Sivir - T1 Gumaysi20 91814 415
Yuumi- T1 Keria18 7658 515

Yuumi was the third-highest damage dealer in the game, closely following Yone and Sivir. This means the previously known "healer", Yuumi, dealt more damage than Faker's Sylas. 

If this isn't crazy enough, Yuumi only had 8,515 gold, and thereby also, fewer items than anyone else in her team. However, still, Yuumi had more damage than two players on her team and almost as much damage as the top laner, Yone. 

Yuumi Dealt More Damage than Anyone on Fnatic

Here are the stats for Fnatic in the same game, and as you can see, Yuumi dealt more damage than anyone else on the Fnatic team, despite many of Fnatic's players having more gold than the support cat. 

PlayerDamage DealtGold Earned
Maokai - FNC Wunder10 2299 281
Poppy- FNC Razork11 368

9 071

Akali - FNC Humanoid11 55710 649
Lucian - FNC Upset18 00310 677
Nami - FNC Hylissang4 7765 952

Maybe it is time for the players to be a bit more creative with their picks. Here are the champions we would LOVE to see in Worlds 2022!

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Streamer Demands Yuumi Deleted from the Game

After a week of witnessing the power of the magical cat, fans and players demand she be banned from the League of Legends World Championship.

After JDG's Support, Missing, pulled our Yuumi against G2 Esports, going 2/2/10 and dealing more than 20K damage, Professional League player NoWay had enough of the champion.

The well-known streamer then went on his Twitter demanding the champion be banned globally. 

Even though many fans have had enough of the champion, it is doubtful that Riot will remove her from the game at this point. 

So far in League of Legends history, no champions have been removed from the game, but maybe it is time to give yuumi a hefty rework. 

What do you think about Yuumi in Worlds 2022 so far? Join us on Discord and let us know!

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