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Riot Please Delete Yasuo From League of Legends

Champions 09-05-2024 10:00

Some champions are more frustrating to play against than others. And one of the most annoying League of Legends champion is, of course, Yasuo. Players want this abomination deleted from the game completely. Do you agree? 

Truth Dragon Yasuo HD
Riot Please... get rid of Yasuo in League of Legends. | © Riot Games

Some League of Legends champions are more annoying than others. Of course, every champion has some part of their kit which might annoy someone, but it seems like a few champions in particular are just worse than every other character in the game combined. 

One of those giga-annoying champions seems to be Yasuo and the League of Legends community honestly wouldn't mind if he got disabled or removed from the game... right? Right. But what makes him so annoying? Let's check it out. 

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LoL: Reasons Why Yasuo Should Be Deleted From The Game

Yauo is more than just a simple champion in League of Legends, but probably the one character in the game who induces the highest blood pressure from the community. So, what are some reasons why this guy is so god-damn annoying? 

4. Wind Wall Blows Away A Players' Patience

High Noon Yasuo
Yasuo is so annoying.... | © Riot Games

Firstly, we have to talk about Yasuo's Wind Wall. This ability is ridiculous. Not only does it block projectiles, but for some reason it's also able to block magic? Now, what do I mean by this. Well, it seems like even Lilia's ultimate, which is a sprinkle of sleep, can be blocked by his wind wall, which just doesn't make any sense. It's a god-damn wall, and yet it can stop Lilia's sleep power?

This ability is on the same level of annoying and awful as Fiora's Riposte, something that can just ruin someone's day. The fact that it seems to have no cooldown in the later stages of the game feels super unfair and bad to play against. 

3. Mobility

Seelenblumen Yasuo
He needs to chill. | © Riot Games

While there are some champions with more mobility in their kits, Yasuo isn't far off from being one hell of an annoying snake on Summoner's Rift. He's got a dash reset built into his abilities, and he's able to move through minions to reach his targets quickly. He's able to engage, disengage and juke anything coming his way thanks to his mobility. 

Thanks to this mobility, he's able to be a strong lane pick who is going to bully anyone and everyone who gets in his way, snowballing his way to victory without having to do much of anything since the enemy just won't be able to hold him down, ever. 

2. 0/10 Power Spikes Shouldn't Be The Norm

True Damage Yasuo
Can we bench this guy? | © Riot Games

Not only is Yasuo extremely annoying to play against, but it seems like he's one of the few champions that can fall behind 0/10 and still carry games all on his own. Master Yi and Yone are in the same boat, and this type of gameplay is extremely annoying and unfun to play against. 

Building a strong lead and being able to close it out is an art in League of Legends, and Yasuo will disrupt the usual flow of the game, making it quite annoying to go up against, ruining everything a team has worked towards. It makes the early phases of the game seem completely useless. 

1. Yasuo Players 

Dream Dargon Yasuo Splash Art
Yasuo needs to chill and so do his mains. | © Riot Games

That's it... that's the reason why Yasuo should be deleted. The player base. There is no fandom in League of Legends more obnoxious than Yasuo players. These guys will be going down and losing games, constantly flashing their Mastery sign for no reason, trying to tilt the enemy. 

If you end up with a Yasuo on your team, then also good luck, because they tend to be the most toxic players. If the jungler doesn't give them the amount of attention they believe they deserve, they will start flaming anyone and their mother. 

So please Riot, for everyone's sanity, just remove this champion already. Please and thank you. 

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