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It's time we get rid of this abomonation!

Riot Please Delete Shaco From League of Legends

Champions 19-03-2024 16:53

Some League of Legends champions are more annoying than others. Some are so awful that we hope Riot will finally delete them and remove them. Shaco is one of them and you can't change my mind. 

Lo L Shaco
Shaco is one of the most annoying champions to play against. | © Riot Games

Every League of Legends champion has at least some forgiving features, but then there are some that are just awful and deserve to be deleted from the champion pool completely. While many players have found fault in champions like Yuumi, there is another annoying mother f*cker out there and that is Shaco. 

This champion has so many players blood boiling and today we're going to go over some of the reasons why the community wouldn't be too upset if he was magically removed from champ select. 

LoL: Resons Why Shaco Should Be Deleted From The Game

Of course, we cannot just simply state that he should be deleted. No, instead we've looked into the champion and here are some sound reasons why Riot should delete Shaco. 

4. Shaco Is Always Invisible

Shaco 2
Like what is this champion even? | © Riot Games

Okay, can we talk about the invisibility in the room for a moment? How come Shaco has one of the best abilities in the entire game and he's just... always invisible thanks to his Deceive (Q)? Is that even fair? He can just go invis and ciao! 

Okay sometimes I feel bad for Shaco... and his lack of lore:

There is no fun counterplay for anyone going up against him. Sure, there are other champions that also have some form of invisibility in their kit, but Shaco also has a blink in his kit, his clone which punishes enemies and he doesn't even have to fight himself, since he's got those annoying boxes... real fair boys and girls. 

3. Shaco Requires No Jungle Knowledge

While most junglers are pretty fun and need some form of skill, Shaco doesn't. Does he even have to jungle? That's the real question and well... the answer is no. He does not. Shaco has his little boxes he sets up and they do all the work for him while he goes and takes a vacation in Brazil. 

Thanks to his traps he can start anywhere on the map. Jungle pathing? He doesn't need that and can make his way wherever he wants, without a care in the world, since his traps do most of the work for him. 

Those boxes are also awful in lane and will ruin any form of fun you've had playing League (but we all know that isn't even possible anymore these days). Shaco will punish you no matter what you do. His passive punishes you for running away from him, his traps punish you for engaging. It's a double-edged sword and he can do all this without having to know how to actually jungle. 

2. What Do You Even Build On Shaco?

Mad Hatter Shaco
Why do all his skin splash arts look like this?! | © Riot Games

Now another huge issue with the champion is just how he can build anything. No matter what items you get on the champion he will still cut you down to half health with a single combo. Seriously, the damage on this champion just is not even fair anymore and items don't matter at all. 

Remember that time when people went bruiser Shaco and he also became unkillable? Yeah, not fun. I shudder at the mere thought of those war flashbacks from earlier seasons. Is it really fair to have a champion like this in the game? Didn't think so. 

1. Shaco Mains

Do we even have to explain this point? Shaco mains are some of the worst out there. Sure, they might not reach Yasuo mains just yet in terms of toxicity, but for some reason, some of the worst LoL players are drawn to this champion... but when looking at his kit, are we even surprised? 

Honestly, Shaco is the type of champion we just don't want to see in League of Legends anymore. The people that play him, his kit and hit builds are all toxic as well, so let's just cleanse Summoner's Rift with some good ole champion deletion... right?

Sabrina Ahn

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