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Riot Please Delete Annie From League of Legends

News 07-04-2024 10:00

There are simple champions in League of Legends and then there is Annie. This champion should just be deleted since you need no hands, no brain, no nothing to play her. 

Annie Annie Versary Skin
League of Legends: Riot just delete Annie already. | © Riot Games

Riot Games, it's time we have a talk. Some champions are just too complicated and convoluted these days, with kits so overloaded they are basically an entire team of 5 in one champ. Then there is the exact opposite of champion, one so simple they're boring to play and yet they manage to destroy with a single ability.

The latter type of champion will be examined today and that is none other than one of the poster children of Riot — Annie. She's so simple she borders on boring and is terribly annoying. So, why should she be deleted? 

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League of Legends: Three Reasons Why Annie Should Be Deleted

Now you might be confused why Annie is being lumped into the same category as champions like Viego or Shaco, but we asked around the office, and it seems that some players had a bone to pick with this sweet little girl. So, what were their reasons behind this hate? 

3. Annie Requires Zero Skill To Play

Hextech annie
She is just way too simple. | © Riot Games

Annie is in a similar boat to champions like Tryndamere. While she is simple and that is fine, she is so simple she's boring to play and boring to play against. Players simply use their abilities until she's got her stun back up, and then she stuns you and does some damage, poking anyone out of lane.

Her simplicity doesn't end there. Once she's got level 6 she becomes one of the best champions in the game thanks to Tibbers who is the best pet in all of League of Legends. The damage numbers are through the roof and simply stunning and ulting someone will mean it's a won fight. ZZZZ wake me up when the game is over

She's also the champion with the highest AP ratio in a single ability... who knew that an AP ratio of 615% could hurt so much, eh?

2. There Is No Counterplay To Annie

Winterblessed Annie
She cannot be countered. | © Riot Games

Since we just talked about her ultimate and the crazy damage it does, we need to talk about the counters... well there are none. If Annie has flash up, she'll simply jump on top of you, stun you and ult you all in one go and you won't even be able to blink in the timeframe all this happens.

With other champions that have similar abilities, like Malphite, you'll be able to see the ultimate coming, giving you some time to at least try and play around it, but with Annie it's literally impossible. No one can move that quick and you can't tell me otherwise. 

1. No Need For Little Girls With Too Many Jax Mains

Frankentibbers annie
Annie is too young for Summoner's Rift. | © Riot Games

Of course, we also have to talk abut Annie's age. Yes, her lore is amazing and quite interesting, which makes her a cool and unique champion, but we're not here to praise the lore of League of Legends, instead we're here to talk about how a young girl like her does not belong on Summoner's Rift. 

Especially with how many Jax mains there are in League of Legends, and we all know what they say about Jax mains, right? Right. So please, protect her at all costs and get her off Summoner's Rift. To do that, Riot should delete her. 

But all jokes aside, Annie really isn't that bad of a champion.... but this was a highly demanded piece, so we wrote it for our colleague who seems to have some beef with her in the mid lane. 

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