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Who wouldn't want to listen to some Emo LoL music?

Are We Getting a Emo Band?

Champions 19-01-2022 17:00
Odyssey kayn
Just look at him! He's perfect for an emo band! | © Riot Games

Riot Games Music is trolling us and getting our hopes up for an upcoming emo band in League of Legends. But, could it be true? Could we be receiving a new musical act in 2022? 

In 2021 Pentakill had a comeback and the year before we got to see K/DA alongside Seraphine at the 2020 World Championship. With nostalgia being as high as ever, this would be a perfect time to get us into an emo League of Legends band! 


Why Do We Think There is an Emo Band In the Works? 

On January 18, 2022 the Riot Games music twitter tweeted out this cryptic tweet: 

This could just be a tweet getting our hopes up, because of the announcement of the When We Were Young Festival, or it;'s a serious tweet. Maybe it's referring to another song by LEC (League's Edgiest Casters). We will have to wait to find out more, whether Riot is gracing us with a new musical act. 

Which Champions Could be Part of the Emo Band? 

So, even though it isn't confirmed that there will be an emo band, twitter folks, and us here at Riftfeed, have thought of which champions would be perfect in such a scenario. 

Of course, we would have to have Kayn in the group as the lead singer and nothing would work without Aphelios on Guitar. Vex and Morgana are also solid choices, though Morgana does give off more metal vibes. 

Some fans on Twitter have also thought of Sett, Rakan and Ezreal as good additions to the emo band. Rakan would definitely make a great emo champion even with his chipper attitude. He could learn a thing or two from Xayah. 

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