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The album drops on September 8. But how about the skins?

LoL Pentakill: Skins, Relase Date & Price

News 26-08-2021 08:00
Pentakill Viego RF
eague of Legends gets new Pentakill skins! Exciting! | © Riot Games

Pentakill is back baby! We had to wait a long time, now the band finally releases a new album. But not only that! The champions of the band all get a new look. Let's take a look at the new skins. We have all the details about the skinsprices, and release date for you!

The Sentinel Event is over, but that doesn't mean that no new skins will be released. We know it, you know it. Riot's design team is always working on something new. And how could it be more fitting, not only the long awaited Pentakill album is coming, but also a matching skin series.

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What are The Pentakill Skin Prices?

As usual, we expect the Pentakill Skins to cost 1350 RP. This hasn't been confirmed yet, but we doubt Riot would lower the price of these new Pentakill skins, especially when they know how many people will buy them. Seriously, the community love Pentakill and players love new skins. Needless to say, these skins would be sold out in no time, if there was such an option. 

What is The Pentakill Skin Release Date?

We expect the new skins to be released along with patch 11.18 on 9 September. The skins look pretty damn cool and we also assume that the skins are meant to celebrate Pentakill's new album on 8 September. So the date of 9 September is just right, considering both the patch date and the album release date.

Which Champions get Pentakill Skins?

  • Mordekaiser
  • Karthus
  • Sona
  • Viego
  • Yorick
  • Kayle
  • Olaf

In case you guys remember the previous Pentakill skins and given the time, we are 100% sure they will look amazing.

Pentakill Lost Chapter Karthus
The new Pentakill Karthus Skin. | © Riot Gaes

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