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Here name is Nilah

New ADC Champion Leaked: Nilah

Nilah Teaser
Nilah is coming... | © Riot Games

Have you been eager awaiting new information on the upcoming water-themed melee ADC champion? Well, wait no longer! We finally have some more information, let's dive in!

To start off, her name is Nilah (likely pronounced nee-lah) and she will be coming soon! (after Bel'Veth release, close to Udyr rework). There has been a lot of fan speculation around this champion, so her arrival will be eagerly awaited!

[Update June 17, 2022]

Riot drops first Nilah Trailer 

Riot just dropped a new trailer for the new bot laner, Nilah. The Hype is real. Check out the trailer down below: 

Doesn't she look absolutely insane? Looks like our leaks were right about her Q and E abilities, but a bit off with the other abilities. Leaks aside, she looks even more insane after that trailer, and it wouldn't be a surprise if she ends up being as broken as Zeri and Aphelios. Definitely a champ for people who like to style on their opponents. 

Nilah's Abilities Leaked

We finally get a first look at Nilah's abilities, and they sound absolutely insane and annoying to play against. If you want a visual element of her abilities, then check out BigBadBear's YouTube video. The animations he made are super basic, but should help you visualize her abilities, as they do sound quite complex. So, what exactly are her abilities? Here is a first look:

Passive: Iridescent InertiaNilah's base attack speed scaling is verry low (.3), but it increases on hit up to 6 stacks. Excess attack speed above the cap is converted into additional on-hit damage.
Q: Nacre SlashPassive: Upon casting an ability, Nilah's next three attacks deal bonus damage. The third attack's bonus damage is doubled, and refunds 50% of her Q ability's cooldown.

Active: Nilah dashes a short distance in the target direction before empowering her next attack to strike twice and damage nerby enemies in a wide arc shape centered on her target. The second strike instead marks all enemies hit, and damages them after a brief delay. The second strike's damage increases based on the number of enemy champions marked.

W: Tide BaubleNilah throws a water orb in the target direction. Upon hitting an enemy or terrain, it detonates, damaging and slowing enemies and creating a cloud of slowing mist that extends around all enemies and terrain hit by the initial explosion. Lasts up to 10 seconds, but dissipates 4 second after the first allied champion enters its bound. Enemies are unable to auto attack champions inside the mist.
E: Reluctant FriendshipNilah extends her whip in the target direction, tethering herself to the first enemy hit for up to 4 seconds. Tether breaks upon going further than 1000 units.

Recast 1: Nilah commands her whip to extend out from the thered enemy's position in the target direction. If it hits another enemy or pice of terrain, a second tether is formed between the two targets, granting Nilah a second recast.

Recast 2: Tap-cast to pull the tethered targets into each other, damaging and slowing all enemies they pass through. If both enemies are champions, they are also stunned on collision. Hold-cast to also cause Nilah to pull herself to the first tethered enemy.

Ulti: Promise of the OceanNilah channels, creating a cicular-shaped elastic arena in the target area, lasting 7 seconds, or until she exits its bounds. Nilah can attack anything inside the arena regardless of range. Enemies that attempt to exit the arena will be pushed back inside (can only happen once to each enemy). The arena's walls act as terrain for the purposes of her W and E abilities. As long as Nilah remains inside the arena, she gains bonus movement speed and ignores unit collision.

Remember that these abilities were all leaks, so Riot could always change some things, but if we put that aside, doesn't she just sound super fun and crazy? Pretty sure she is going to wreak havoc in the bot lane once she is released. Her ulti is a slightly worse version of Camille's, but paired with her W it's going to be super annoying to deal with. She is a champ that can easily 1v2 in the bot lane. Ult them and throw your W onto them, to render them useless and if they try and run, you can just tether them with your E and pull yourself towards them. Crazy stuff, and I can't wait to see her, when she is eventually revealed. 

[Update June 13, 2022]

First look at Nilah

We finally get to see what Nilah is going to look like, after BigBadBear revealed her in one of his most recent tweets. Her release seems to be right around the corner, and we have to say, she looks dope. She kinda looks like a cocktail of parts, that were taken from other champions. Definitely exciting stuff, but here's a first look: 

Although it was leaked, that she'd be a melee bot laner, the long whip kind of makes it seem like that she'll have more range than most of the other melee champions. But I can definitely see her walking around with a Star Guardian skin, can't wait for that. 

For a more detailed break down of the picture, check out BigBadBears Video down below: 

When will Nilah release in League of Legends?

Nilah's release may soon as if it's miles away, but BigBadBear recently shared some information that says otherwise. As it turns out, Nilah may be coming out very soon! (Patch 12.12 or 12.13)

She will most likely be releasing alongside the upcoming Star Guardian event with her very own Star Guardian skin. So fans can look toward this upcoming event's timeline for indicators regarding her release.

Nilah Teaser
Nilah Teaser | © Riot Games

Rioter Confirms Nilah is 'Coming Soon'

In a recent reddit comment, Rioter 'Reav3' confirmed some information about upcoming releases:

" is the bot laner, then after that is Udyr, but he's close. Bel'Veth, the Bot laner and Udyr are all pretty close together so their wont be a huge wait in between them"

This pretty much sums it up, you all can expect to see Nilah in your games fairly soon!