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TheShy Makes Easiest Top Laner Look Like High Mechanical Skill Champ

Champions 02-06-2023 16:15
Theshy on malphite
TheShy makes this pick look like such a high mechanical champion. | © Riot Games

The LPL has already begun its Summer Split with some pretty insane matches. The MSI champions, JD Gaming, right off their victory have made it back to China and were ready to face Weibo Gaming, a team led by none other than Kang "TheShy" Seung-lok. 

While JDG might not have won the match, with Weibo taking over with an easy 2-0 game, it was far from boring, thanks to the top lane veteran TheShy pulling out one of the best plays of the year so far. 

TheShy Makes Malphite Look Like Most Mobile Champ In League of Legends

In the first match between Weibo Gaming and JDG on June 1, 2023 TheShy picked up one of the best top lane champions in the game right now – Malphite. Now we all know this isn't the most mobile champion, nor the one with the most skill expression... but watching this play from TheShy will make you think otherwise. 

Caedrel was co-strreaming the match and he pretty much summed up the whole play best. 

He's the best. Change my mind. That's the most mobile Malphite you've ever seen in your life. First he insecs their jungler, then he TP-flanks 10-meters and then he flashes behind them. 

In the play TheShy walked into JDG's jungle, with the enemy team right in his face. He baits them in and then uses his ultimate to escape, with JDG running after him into the waiting arms of the rest of Weibo. 

After Kanavi goes down, 369 tries to salvage the fight by using K'Sante's ult to get into the Weibo backline, but also lost his life. After finishing off K'Sante, TheShy used Malphite's TP to literally TP a couple of meters behind the enemy lines, flashing over a wall to reach Ruler and kill him as well. 

All this in a span of a few seconds. Honestly, this is Malphite gameplay unlike any other before and only players like TheShy can pull this off because let's be real he's either the GOAT or inting with plays like this. This time it worked out. 

The LPL kicked off their season on May 29, 2023 with games daily. The next match for JDG is going to be June 4, 2023 against LNG and Weibo Gaming will face OMG on the same day. 

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