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LoL: Top Lane Tier List For Patch 13.23

Champions 29-11-2023 11:45

The top lane is a pretty desolate place, but with our top lane tierlist for Patch 13.23 you will be able to dominate it. 

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Who will be the best three Top Laners for 13.23? | ©Riot Games

Every two weeks Riot releases a new patch for League of Legends with some major balance changes. Will the balance changes of LoL Patch 13.23 have a huge effect on solo queue though? 

Top Lane Tier List: S-Tier Top Lane Picks Of LoL Patch 13.23

Top lane has quite a bit of variety, so we'll be talking about the best Champions to play in the top lane among the 40 champions that are viable there!

3. Fiora

Fiora is one of the best picks this patch. She's the queen of split pushing and sits at a win rate of 51.88%. Fiora excels in dueling opponents and split-pushing to create map pressure.

En Garding to the third place is Fiora | ©Riot Games


For Fiora, the recommended build is always Trinity Force and Ravenous Hydra. Those two items are just essential for her damage and survivability. After that, you can complete the build with Spear of Shoojin or Hullbreaker.

Power Spikes:

Fiora has a strong laning phase and reaches a significant power spike when she completes Ravenous Hydra. Her dueling potential becomes formidable at this point, allowing her to pressure opponents effectively.


Fiora struggles against champions which can outduel her like Trundle or Warwick. Also, she struggles against Poppy and Malphite, as those have direct counterplay to her.

Good Synergies:

Fiora pairs well with champions who can disengage and allow her to split push like Maokai or Janna.

2. Poppy

Poppy is great in a meta with lots of dashes and skill expression. She is sitting at a 52.51% win rate and is our number 2. Poppy is known for her ability to disrupt enemy engages with her W ability and her strong laning phase.

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Poppy is just a Yordle at second place | ©Riot Games


For Poppy, the recommended build includes Sunfire Aegis, Plated Steelcaps, and Iceborn Gauntlet. These items enhance her tankiness and crowd control abilities, making her a formidable frontline presence.

But if you want to get funky, you can go for Goredrinker as a mythic item. This has a first item win rate of 57.80% in 1936 games. Poppy does have an 180 bAD scaling on her Q, just saying. 

Power Spikes:

Poppy hits her power spike when she completes Sunfire Aegis and Plated Steelcaps. This allows her to become a reliable engage and peeling champion in team fights.


Poppy struggles against Champs that can just simply out damage her like Olaf or Garen. 

Good Synergies:

Poppy synergizes well with champions who can follow up on her engages and benefit from her crowd control. Champions like Jarvan IV and Yasuo work effectively with Poppy's kit.

1. Jax

Jax is the final boss of top lane and is sitting at a 51.45% win rate. Jax is known for his scaling and dueling potential, making him a late-game monster.

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Jax is the King of the Toplane | ©Riot Games


For Jax, you want to go for any of the Sheen mythic items and go for a Spear of Shoojin after. 

Power Spikes:

Jax hits a significant power spike when he completes his first two items. You should be able to carry by then. 


Jax struggles against tanks and strong AD forces like Illaoi and Garen. 

Good Synergies:

Jax synergizes well with champions who can provide crowd control and engage opportunities. Champions like Sejuani and Leona can set up kills for Jax in team fights.

Top Lane Tier List in LoL Patch 13.23: The Other Top Lane Champions

While the S-Tier Top Laners tend to be the best, there are still a lot of really good picks in case these champions aren't available. Let's also take a look at some of the bottom-tier champions, which you should take note of and avoid!

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Our best top lane picks for Patch 13.23 | Riot Games

The A-Tier Top Picks Of LoL Patch 13.23:

If you're not a fan of the S-tier picks, or they are banned, this is where to look. The A-tier champs are good but don't warrant nerfs, so they are usually about the same.

Champion Win Rate Pick Rate
Camille 51.89% 3.73%
Riven 51.26% 5.57%
Sylas 51.77% 0.95%
Rengar 52.25% 0.69%
Akshan 52.41% 0.42%
Ornn 52.90% 3.64%
Aatrox 50.30% 13.95%

Ornn has always been a force to be reckoned with. He might be a tank at heart, but with the right mechanics and game sense, he becomes so much more. His ability to engage and disrupt fights is unparalleled.

The recent buffs have truly revitalized Riven, making a name for herself as one of the best top laners in the current meta. 

The F-Tier Top Picks Of LoL Patch 13.23:

If you want to win, just stay away from these champions, basically no point in playing them unless you're a one-trick. 

Champion Win Rate Pick Rate
Ahri 48.35% 0.26%
Gragas 47.18% 0.93%
Sejuani 48.12% 0.15%
Kalista 45.88% 0.19%

AD Ahri is a thing, but it's nothing you should play. Like ever.

Gragas gets picked in pro play occasionally, but you shouldn't touch him for your SoloQ right now. He's getting buffed in the next patch though.

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