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LoL: Season 14 Split 1 Ranked Rewards

News 08-05-2024 17:25

Ranked Split 1 is coming to a close and Riot has already revealed all the rewards in the most decent Dev Interview. Let's see what we get.

Victorious tryndamere
The last ranked reward was Victorious Tryndamere. | © Riot Games

At the end of every ranked split every player that has participated in the ranked season gets a nice reward. Riot is usually very generous with these and this time isnt an exception.

2023 Riot split the usual ranked season into two splits. Two splits also meant double the rewards. In Season 14 however we are getting 3 of those. Does that mean triple the rewards? Well, kind of, but not exactly.

The Rewarding Journey Through All Three Splits

Ranked icons league of legends
What rank did you hit? | © Riot Games

Riot has found a new way to give us all the rewards we so desperately crave. The ranked split track rewards are still basically the same with some minor adjustments. Riot made sure that we are not getting less than before, even if they had to remove some stuff here and there to make space for bigger changes.

This includes the removal of a Hextech Chest for a Key Fragment and moving the Ranked Emote to the end of the split.

Riot also made it easier to get the Victorious Skin if you can't reach gold. Instead of the usual 1600 required Split Points, you now only need 1000. 

To compare the previous and future ranked rewards, Riot gave us this sweet little chart.

Reward Type

2023 2 splits (old)

2024 3 splits (NEW)
Victorious Emote1 per split (2 total)1 per split (3 total)
Victorious Icon1 per split (2 total)1 per split (3 total)
Champion1 per split (2 total)1 per split (3 total)
Victorious Skin1 per split (2 total)1 per split (3 total)
Victorious Skin ChromasMaximum 9 for all rank chromas for each split since Emerald was introduced (17 total potential chromas)Maximum 9 for all rank chromas (27 potential chromas)
End of Season Ranked Icon1 per split (2 total) for end of split rank1 per season year highest rank across all splits
Victorious Skin Splash BorderDidn't exist1 per season year showing the highest rank achieved across the splits. Requires obtaining all 3 Victorious skins from each split.
Ranked Emote(Existed previously in the per split format)1 per season year, reflecting highest rank achieved in the season year

We won't be flooded with emotes every split, we are getting 1 more victorious skin and even a neat Splash Art Border reflecting the highest Rank for all 3 of them (if we get all three). I absolutely love these changes. 

These changes actually keep you pushing for your best rank until the very last day. To find out when Split 1 is ending, check out our article here on Ranked Season 14.

Victorious Skins

Victorious Kog Maw
This is the Victorious Kog'Maw skin. | © Riot Games

To make the grind a little easier, Riot has also spoiled who the next two Victorious Skins go to. In Split 1, eligible ranked players will be rewarded with Victorious Kog'Maw and in Split 2 we will be getting Victorious Sona.

Personally not a fan of these, but I am heavily biased! It does look really good so far, and I can't wait to see all the chromas.

What Rank did you hit this Split? Are you happy with the rewards?

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