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It was about time!

Bjergsen Says He Will Pick a Zilean Skin if They Win Worlds

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Team Liquid recently held an AMA on the League of Legends subreddit, where they answered fan questions for the entire day. The most interesting of which was Bjergsne's claim to a Zilean skin, should they win the 2022 League of Legends World Championship.

Being such an old champion has its ups and downs. Zilean is both old by the standards of League of Legends lore, as well as his release date. As such, he is heavily lacking in skins, something to be rectified if Bjergsen has anything to say.

Bjergsen's Zilean is a Renewal of an Old Meta

Today's mid lane is no place for an off-meta pick such as Zilean, with the game itself experiencing an incredible power creep, and the mid lane being the biggest example of this phenomenon.

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Bjergsen, then, plays Zilean as a subversion of everything his opponents expect. Though Zielan has only one damaging ability, clearing a wave with him is incredibly easy. What is even easier, however, is baiting enemies into fights they cannot win, simply by acting as a Zilean that poses no threat. As such, Bjergsen's teammates have another support giving them wings, while, quite often, the enemy team has wasted cooldowns on a Zilean, instead of the true threats.

Upon being asked, which champion he will pick should they win Worlds, Bjergsen simply responded with: "Zilean".

Team Liquid AMA: Other Questions

Besides the cheeky claim of winning the World Championship, fans have also posed some interesting questions to both Bjergsen and Santorin. And, while most of them are just satisfying curiosity, here are some of the best ones:

  • Bjergsen claims to have had the best synergy playing with Broken Blade, out of all of his teammates, while Santorin claims the same about Flame.
  • Santorin CLaims that Vi would be a viable pick as a Jungler this season in competitive matches.
  • Bjergsen states that he enjoys the champion's queue, because "As a midlaner it's nice to get to practice mid matchups that will realistically happen in competitive games compared to playing vs Fizz/Katarina/Zed every game".
  • Both Bjergsen and Santorin express their losing streaks as the hardest parts of their competitive careers, that almost drove them away from the game itself.

being a professional player of any sport, is not all sunshine and rainbows, as we can clearly see from Bjergsen and Santorin's statements. What the community can learn from it all, even with their own League of Legends experience, is the fact that they both came back stronger than ever.