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Riot To Create America's Region In League of Legends

News 11-06-2024 17:28

Valorant already has a designated America's region, combining teams from South America, Brazil and North America. Now Riot wants to create the same thing in America.

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League of Legends: Rumor has it that the LCS will merge. | © Riot Games

Something big is brewing behind the scenes at Riot Games. Recently, rumors have popped up, indicating that the LCS is going to be merging with the LLA, as well as the CBLoL, to create one overarching America's region, similar to Valorant. 

Now Riot have confirmed that this is their plan going forward, creating one big America's region, with two conferences competing for spots at international tournaments, similar to their Valorant system.

League of Legends: LCS, LLA And CBLoL Will Merge

TL Umti
The LCS could be merging with the CBLoL and LLA. | © Riot Games

Prominent members of the League of Legends community have come out and stated that they believe that the LCS is going to be looking very different in the future. It seems that there are rumors afloat that the LCS will merge with the LLA and the CBLoL to create one big America's circuit. 

The LEC did something somewhat similarly recently, by merging with the TCL to create the EMEA region, rather than just incorporating Europe. EMEA also incorporates the Middle East and Africa. 

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The LCS and the CBLoL in one place? Sounds interesting. | © Riot Games

It isn't anything new that Riot is looking to adjust their strategy in North America and for the LCS, with John Needham, president of Esports at Riot Games, writing a long blog post going over the companies esports vision and also hinting at some big upcoming changes. 

Now Riot have confirmed these rumors, explaining how the new structure will work. The America's region will be composed of two conferences, with the northern conference having 6 of the current LCS teams and 1 LLA team, while the southern conference will hold 6 CBLoL teams and 1 LLA team. 

Pacific Region Next Tier 1 League From Riot

Not only is Riot propsing a merger of the America's but they also want to create one big Pacific Tier 1 region encompassing South East Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Vietnam, Japan and Oceania. This is, again, a similar region system to Valorant so it will be interesting to see how Riot handles all these teams in the League environment. 

New International Tournament Revealed

Not only is Riot going to be making these changes for 2025, but a third international tournament will also be held in March 2025. The top team from each region will be competing at this early event. Not only that, but Riot will be introducing the fearless draft system across all regions and in this tournament internationally. 

This should unify the League of Legends ecosystem and the way splits and leagues play out. So many changes, but what do you think of them?

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