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Faker's fans are now poor

Faker's Live Stream Sold Hundreds Of $500 Ahri Skin

Esports 24-06-2024 18:30

Faker went live on TikTok for just one hour to promote his new skin, generating substantial revenue.

Risen Legend Ahri Signature
League of Legends: Faker helped boost the sales of his signature Ahri skin. | © Riot Games

Faker, known as one of the most famous and feared League of Legends players globally, has received his very own skin line as part of the Hall of Legends event. Two champions have received skins, with one being Ahri and the other LeBlanc. Among these skins is a special "signature version" of Ahri. Priced at about $500, this skin has shocked many LoL players.

Despite the high price, some fans have already purchased the skin. However, it was Faker's TikTok livestream that significantly boosted the sales figures.

Faker's Livestream Triumph

Faker t1
So, Faker is not only a LoL legend but also a marketing genius. | © Riot Games

To celebrate Faker and his legacy, Riot released a Risen Legend LeBlanc skin, as well as one for Ahri. Not only that, but Ahri received another version, the Immortalized Signature Ahri skin. This one is priced at over 60K RP, offering unique new features. 

While there had been a call for an Ahri ban to protest these insane skin prices by Riot, it seems that a large part of the community has cashed in on the skin in celebration of Faker. True Faker fans in Korea and China have pulled out their wallets for Riot, but that wasn't all. Faker also helped sell quite a lot of his own skin – even without using it on the LCK stage himself.

To further boost sales of the new skin, Faker launched a one-hour TikTok livestream on the LPL's channel, promoting his new skin. This resulted in over 4.8 million CNY, approximately $662,000, in sales.

What made it remarkable was that the most expensive skin was sold a whopping, 1154 times. The 'whales', referring to players who have a lot of money and spend it generously, have certainly made their mark once again.

Riot will have earned quite a bit from the entire operation. Generally, this isn't an issue, but fans are worried that with this expensive skin selling so well, that Riot will add in more extremely high-priced content for "whales" to purchase. 

We hope that Riot will still keep the prices at a reasonable level and not assume that everyone can afford a $500 Ahri skin. I mean, that's already the price of a pretty decent phone or a new graphics card. What do you think about the new skin series? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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