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League of Legends: Caedrel Reacts To State Of LEC "They've Taken Everyone"

Esports 03-07-2024 16:00

League of Legends player and former pro, Caedrel has voiced his opinion after content creator IWD announced he is quitting live viewing the LEC. 

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League of Legends: Caedrel voices his opinion on the state of the LEC. | © Riot Games

League of Legends caster and former pro player, Caedrel is one of the most popular LoL streamers currently. His co-streams of international and regional events reach insanely high viewership numbers and make him one of the most well-known faces in League of Legends. 

With him having worked on the LEC before, as well as been part of the league as a professional player, he's got unique insights into the inner workings of the league. In a recent stream, he reacted to the current state of the league, as well as the announcement from both IWillDominate and YamatoCannon who are stopping their live-streaming of the LEC. 

League of Legends: LEC In Trouble... Caedrel Weighs In

The LEC has not had the easiest of years. When Riot let go of hundreds of employees, the region which seemed to have been hit hardest with layoffs in their esports sector seemed to be the LEC – right in the year that Worlds is coming to the EU as well. 

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Caedrel also believes the LEC is not faring too well. | © Riot Games

Many fans feel that this year the LEC has "stopped trying" with multiple posts on Reddit surfacing recently, with many believing that the league is too stagnant and not innovating enough, making it boring to watch. 

Caedrel recently spoke about this on his stream, where he revealed that the LEC is struggling right now. 

I don't think it's a crazy take to say the LEC is getting boring. LEC has lost so much... I wish I could tell you guys how much the casters do because of the layoffs. How much they're trying, but how little they have to do anything [...]  There is no one anymore. They've taken everyone from the LEC. They don't have anyb resources for anything.

It seems that when Riot laid off a large portion of their LEC staff, they didn't take viewer sentiment into account with some of the most popular content creators from behind the scenes getting laid off, resulting in less content between matches. 

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Of course, that isn't the only reason why some people are losing interest in the league. IWD, a known streamer and former pro, has also stated that it could be the teams and players themselves which have caused the league to stagnate, which Caedrel also agrees with, saying that rivalries, as well as a Leagues general strength will lead to more interest. 

Changes Coming In 2025 To The LEC

Caedrel wasn't all doom and gloom about the LEC though, stating that in 2025, with some major changes to the format, the league could be revitalized. This is to mean that the new format, the fearless draft and the third international event could lead to more interest and breathe new life into the league. 

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