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League of Legends Fans Angered Over Damaged HoL Trophy For Faker

News 10-06-2024 16:45

Faker just received his Hall of Legends trophy and players spotted that it was already damaged before the star even truly got to enjoy it. 

T1 worlds 2023 faker and trophy
League of Legends fans want better for Faker. | © Riot Games

League of Legends icon and the best player to represent the game and sport, Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok has become the first player added to the "Hall of Legends". This is a new yearly initiative where fans and Riot celebrate historic figures from the esport. 

As the first to be inducted into the Hall of Legends, there are going to be some missteps in the process by Riot, but it seems that after charging $500 for a skin bundle, Riot has made another big mistakes to anger League of Legends fans. 

League of Legends: Fans Furious Over Damaged Trophy

Faker recently received a trophy for his introduction to the Hall of Legends. News outlets and journalists were there to see it and ask questions and the trophy was also shown off, but fans quickly noticed that there were some problems with it.

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Sharp-eyed fans and Redditors quickly realized that the trophy that was given to Faker already had two major blemishes on it, with people stating that this is pretty embarrassing from Riot, that they couldn't even give the greatest player of all time a high quality trophy. 

What a pity. Fakers Hall of Legends trophy is already damaged when it was presented to him. 

This comes after the shit storm that is the Hall of Legends Immortal Risen Legends Ahri Signature Bundle that costs almost $500 was revealed. While the skin is probably one of the best Riot has made in a long time, the price tag is not something fans expected, and they feel that this whole "Hall of Legends" event has nothing to do with Faker, but just with Riot padding their wallets. 

While fans were excited for a celebration of their favorite player, with Riot paying such little attention to even the trophy given to the player, as well as the skin scandal, most fans aren't even excited for what is to come anymore. Especially with the look of the trophy, besides the scratches, players think that it looks soulless and boring with no real meaning behind it. 

The new League of Legends Hall of Legends skins and bundles and celebration should take hold of the League of Legends client on June 12, 2024 when the next patch comes out. 

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