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Another failed superteam?

FlyQuest Are Out Of LCS Playoffs Contention

Esports 21-07-2023 11:28
Fly Quest Week 6
FlyQuest are out of playoffs contention and can no longer qualify for the World Championship. | © Marv Watson/Riot Games

They won their first two games in week 6, but their previous results came back to bite them: FlyQuest are no longer in contention for the LCS playoffs. They are a guaranteed ninth place and will have their season ended after their last match. That also means they can no longer qualify for the 2023 World Championship.

This is not particularly surprising news considering their rocky start to the summer split, which saw them lose their first six matches. Even after a 3-0 week 3, they did not manage to keep up their form. Despite their victories against TSM and Immortals in the last week of regular season matches, they are now out of playoffs contention.

This is probably one of the biggest disappointments in the LCS history, considering FlyQuest were handled as North America's next super team after acquiring the LCK stars Lee 'VicLa' Dae-kwang and Lee 'Prince' Chae-hwan. 

Will FlyQuest Make Changes To Their Roster Ahead Of The 2024 Season?

FLY Vulcan disappointed
It is unclear whether Vulcan or the other players remain with the team in 2024. | © Robert Paul/Riot Games

It is also safe to say that FlyQuest's premature end to the 2024 season is partially down to terrible luck. After 17 matches, they currently rank ninth with six wins to their name. Dignitas and 100 Thieves are ahead in seventh and eighth at seven wins each, but they both win the head-to-head comparison with FlyQuest. In each 2020 and 2022, the eighth-placed team in summer only had five wins, coming in with an even weaker split than FlyQuest in this year's summer split.

It is not yet known whether FlyQuest will make any changes to their roster ahead of the 2024 season. It is also unknown whether their players are willing to continue with the team. They will play one more match against Cloud9 on Friday, 18:00 PST (Saturday, 2:00 BST), hoping to end their 2023 season on a somewhat positive note. 

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