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LoL Worlds 2023 Location Revealed

Esports 28-04-2023 14:55
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Where will Worlds 2023 be hosted? | © Riot Games

The League of Legends World Championship is the biggest event and tournament of the year. In 2023 the event will once again be held, bringing together multiple teams from all over the world to crown one king of League of Legends esports. 

Riot have revealed the League of Legends World Championship host country, and most recently also the exact cities the games and different stages of the tournament will be played in. So get ready and book your tickets, because we're heading back to South Korea!

LoL Worlds 2023: Location And Host Cities Have Been Announced

Riot have recently announced the exact host cities for the 2023 League of Legends World Championship. We've known that we're heading back to South Korea for a while, and there have been rumours surrounding the specific cities that will host the event as well, but now Riot have confirmed everything. 

League of Legends World Championship Play-In And Swiss Stage Location

The Play-In phase of the tournament is going to be held in Seoul, South Korea at the famous LoL Park. This will be the first big international tournament held at LoL Park since it was erected by Riot when they stopped their collaboration with OGN and SpoTV. 

The Swiss Stage will stay in Seoul, but move to a bigger arena. These games will be played at the KBS Arena and will encompass the teams from the Play-In stage, as well as those that qualified directly into the Swiss stage, whichi is a brand-new format Riot is introducing to this League of Legends World Championship. 

LoL Worlds Quarter-Final And Semi-Final Location

The Quarter- and Semi-Final is going to take place in Busan, South Korea. Fans already got a glimpse of the passion Busan brings to esports with the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational taking place there. The Semi-Finals will be held at Sajik Indoor Gymnasium which can hold around 15,000 visitors. 

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2023 League of Legends World Championship Finals Location

For the finals we will be heading back to Seoul, with the final event taking place at the Gocheok Sky Dome. The arena has a capacity of over 16,000 for Baseball games, but for an event like the League of Legends World Championship we can imagine more space getting freed up. 

Dates For LoL World Championship Revealed

Not only have the locations and exact cities been revealed, but Riot have also outlined a rough schedule of when each round starts and ends, so fans can already plan their trips to South Korea if they're looking to watch any matches live. 

  • Play-In Stage will be October 10-15
  • Swiss Stage will be October 19-23 and October 26-29
  • Quarter-finals will be November 2-5 
  • Semi-finals will be November 11-12
  • LoL Worlds Final will be on November 19

The League of Legends World Championship is looking to be the biggest tournament to date with more best of three and best of five games than ever before. Who is going to take home the crown and the Summoner's Cup? 

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