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MSI 2023: Co-Streaming Was A Huge Success For The Tournament

Esports 22-05-2023 16:05
MSI 2023 Trophy
MSI 2023: Co-Streaming should stay! | © Riot Games

This year's MSI was the first time that Riot allowed co-streaming for the tournament. While at last year's World Championship finals a select few channels were able to co-stream, this time around many more could stream and make their own cast out of the game, engaging with their community. 

Fans on Reddit have praised this new concept and felt that it is the right way to go for future big international League of Legends events, especially if Riot is looking to grow the fanbase and community. 

MSI 2023: Fans Think Co-Streaming Was A Brilliant Idea

On Reddit, fans praised the co-streaming of the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational. Not only were the multiple well-known english speaking streamer co-streaming the event, but streamers from all over the world took their time to showcase MSI and introduce League of Legends epsorts to new people. 

The initial Reddit poster stated that they watched on Ibai's Spanish stream and enjoyed the way the streamer and how he was casting the matches. It was also noted that Ibai is so popular that he's got a much larger fanbase than just League of Legends fans, which means viewers who never had a real point of contact with the game through the co-streams. 

Fans felt like the co-streams added a breath of fresh air to the official broadcast, getting a closer in-depth view thanks to the guests some of the co-streamers brought on. Some also felt that the co-streams helped them understand the game better thanks to the commentary, one Reddit user mentioning Caedrel's stream. 

Overall, the co-streams were a huge success, but now fans are wondering whether Riot is going to bring them back for Worlds 2023 as well and if so, whether there might be some more rules for the co-streamers then. 

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