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New Rumors tie the AD Carry to Karmine Corp

Rekkles Going to ... LFL?

Esports 15-11-2021 23:15
Rekkles 1511
Where is Rekkles heading after G2? | © Riot Games

A new rumor points towards Martin "Rekkles"Larsson possibly going to LFL team and EU Masters champion Karmine Corp.

Update: The move was also backed by French publication L'Équipe.

After G2 Esports announced a big remake of their team in which they part ways with several of their big stars - Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle, Martin "Wunder" Nordahl Hansen and Martin "Rekkles"Larsson - where these teams will be going is one of the big questions of the LEC off-season. The veterans have their detractors, but few would argue that they have long been among the elite in their roles and had skills that make them belong among the LEC. This is why a new rumor pointing towards a new team for Rekkles has made waves - especially as it points to him leaving for Karmine Corp, the LFL team that won the spring and summer editions of the 2021 EU Masters.

The tweet, which came from Inyustificado from the Spanish website Esportsmaniacos, points towards KCorp being Rekkles’ next team. This immediately sent waves among social media - despite their back-to-back EU Masters victories and impressive performance at the European international scene, Karmine Corp are a regional team. For a superstar ADC like Rekkles, who has multiple Worlds appearances and was the LEC MVP for the 2021 spring split, this would be a big step down.

At the same time, Jakob "Jackspektra" Kepple, who was indicated to have had a verbal agreement with KCorp for the ADC spot posted only a “LFT :)” in reply. Whether it was a tongue in cheek comment or no, his contract with Cream Real Betis expires on November 15th, so the promising young ADC is certainly looking for a new team.

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