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How to Disable Off-Screen Pings in League of Legends

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League of Legends: We tell you how to disable off-screen pings! | © Riot Games

League of Legends' new off-screen ping feature is there to help the players. However, for some people, it can cause more trouble than help. We are here to explain the off-screen pings and how to disable or enable the feature. 

Keeping your focus in League of Legends can be hard enough as it is. With the additional trouble of paying attention to the map for every single ping a teammate makes to ensure you don't miss one intended for you to see, it is even more challenging. This new feature aims to help players with precisely this problem! So let's take a look at what exactly off-screen pings are, shall we? 

League of Legends: What Are Off-Screen Pings?

Off-screen pings were introduced in Patch 13.7 and aimed to give you easier visibility of your teammates' pings. Before the recent patch, pings only appeared on your screen if you were close to the player pinging. 

This new feature now lets some pings show up on the edge of your screen when in order to help players react to pings from further away faster than before. The new pings are separated into two groups. This is how Riot Games described the difference in their Patch Notes:

Global Pings (Displayed regardless of ping location)

  • Enemy missing

Proximity Pings (Displayed if pinged within 3000 units of your champion. Approximately the same range as a Caitlyn or Lux ultimate ability

  • Assist Me
  • Caution
  • On My Way
  • Retreat
  • Hold 
Lol off screen pings
LoL: This is how the new off-screen pings look. | © Riot Games

League of Legends: How to Disable Off-Screen Pings

Some people are not a fan of the latest updated ping system. Luckily for them, there is an easy way to remove the new feature. Here are some simple steps you can follow if you want to disable the off-screen pings: 

  1. Press ESC on your keyboard to open Options 
  2.  Select Interface on the menu located to the left
  3. Scroll down to Notifications
  4. Enable/Disable "Show Off-Screen Pings"
  5. Press Okay
Lol disable off screen pings
LoL: Here is how to disable or enable off-screen pings. | © Riot Games

And there you have it - everything you need to know about the new and super cool ping feature in League of Legends! Looking for more guides? 

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