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How to Report a Player in League of Legends

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High Noon Yasuo
How to report my 0-15 Yasuo | © Riot Games

Whether you are unsure of how to report in the Post-Game Lobby or you want to report someone a couple of days after a game but don't know how to, we are here to show you everything you need in order to report a player in League of Legends.

Knowing how to report someone in League of Legends is key if you want to play the game. We all know how rough it can be out there on the Summoner's Rift. Especially if you have teammates either running it down mid, being insanely toxic, or maybe the whole package. For these circumstances, we need to know how to report players to keep the garbage out of the game. So stay with us while we show you how to report a player in League of Legends.

How to Report Player in the League of Legends Client

When a player becomes too much to deal with in a game, you can console yourself with the fact that you can report them. You can report a player either in Champion Select or right after the game in the Post-Game Lobby. 

4 Simple Steps to Report a Player in Champion Select:

As sad as it is, some players already chose to be annoying in Champion Select. Good thing is, with the new updates, you can already report someone ahead of the game. 

  1. Hover the Summoner Name of the player you want to report
  2. Click the red exclamation mark ("!") next to their Summoner Name
  3. Select report categories suitable for the player
  4. Press "REPORT" at the bottom of the report window

While reporting, it might be smart to already mute the player by clicking the icon next to the report button. This will make sure you don't have to deal with them for the rest of the game. 

 5 Simple Steps to Report a Player in the Post-Game Lobby:

  1. Find the player you want to report on the Post-Game Lobby screen
  2. Click on the red exclamation mark ("!") next to their Summoner Name
  3. Select the report categories suitable for the player
  4. Write details about their behavior as accurately and concisely as possible (timestamps, what words were used, what they did, etc.)
  5. Press "REPORT" at the bottom of the Report Window.

It is important to note that Riot is more likely to punish a player if you describe precisely what happened. There is, however, a fine line, and even though they want you to be clear on what happened, you should also be concise. Here is an excellent example from Riot Games on how to report a Ryze that was running it down mid after dying once. 

Report player
Example of how to report a player. | © Riot Games

How to Report Player Outside of the League Client

If you happen to miss your opportunity of reporting someone right before or after a game, you can report them on the Riot Website, using this form.

Also here, it is important to tailor the report to fit your situation. For example, explain the time the player started to misbehave, what they did, etc.

If you want to report someone using this method, it is important to know that only one of your previous 20 games can be reported. So make sure to report in time!

Things to Avoid When Reporting a Player 

 In order to make your report more likely to be taken into account, there are some things you should avoid.

1. Do not threaten to report

If you continuously threaten a player that you will report them after the game, it will encourage their negative behavior. Additionally, if you continue to argue with someone misbehaving, you will also be at risk for possible reports. 

2. Do not ask other players to report

You might have done this before, but surprisingly, the amounts of reports do not affect whether the system will review the game or not. One report is enough, and constantly demanding reports from other players can result in you being the one reported. 

3. Do Not Respond to Player Negatively

If several players are misbehaving, Riot Game's report system does not care who started an argument, and everyone will be treated the same. As always, the best thing to do when someone is acting out is just to mute, report, and move on. 

And with that, you know everything necessary to report a player in League of Legends. We hope the article was useful and can help you help us keep our servers clean from players misbehaving.

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