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LoL Arena Cameos: What Can The Soul Fighter Champs Do?

Guides 27-06-2023 21:30
Prestige Pyke Soul Fighter
LoL Arena: Soul Fighters champions can help you! | © Riot Games

The Soul Fighters Summer event is just around the corner, with ten new skins, a brand-new game mode and a cool metagame which is going to give players a glimpse into Project L – we hope at least. 

One of the most exciting parts though has got to be the cool new game mode Arena in which players will go head-to-head with another duo to see who is going to become the ruler of the arena. During these events Soul Fighter champions can help out or hinder the combat and that's what we're going to talk about today. 


LoL Arena: Cameos Explained

Arena will feature multiple rounds throughout an entire match. As you win you keep your position, but with every loss you lose some life points. In the dev post from Riot, it was revealed that while the team was testing out the mode, some parts became repetitive, which is when the idea of cameos came into play. 

Basically in round 4, Soul Fighter champions can join the fight. These champions are team-neutral and will be "hazards" on the battle field, as Riot Cadmus explained. So, there are 10 random neutral hazards that appear and shake up the battle. 

What Do The Cameos Do In Arena

Soul Fighter Sett Splash
You don't want to encounter the boss in Arena. | © Riot Games

So, with ten new skins getting released in League of Legends, there are ten different occurrences that can take place. Depending on which Soul Fighter champion you encounter on the map. 

LoL Arena: Everything You Need To Know About Items

  • Lux: Rotates a laser tripwire, casting Final Spark (R) on any champion to trip it
  • Naafiri: The pack patrols the arena, leaping on champions they come across
  • Pyke: Occasionally casts Phantom Undertow (E) at the furthest player
  • Samira: Combos off players crowd control; casts ultimate after doing so 6 times.
  • Sett: Can be attacked; casts Haymaker (W) at the enemy of whoever last-hits

The K/DA Logitech hero gaming mouse is perfect for when you want to test out Arena once it hits live servers in Patch 13.14. 

These are the first five, with the five other ones coming in the next patch 13.15, when the skins for Gwen, Viego, Evelynn, Shaco and Jhin also get released. 

Lo L Soul Fighter Header
All the Soul Fighter champions! | © Riot Games
  • Evelynn: Grants all players camouflage
  • Gwen: Occasionally protects the lowest health player with Hallowed Mist (W)
  • Jhin: Casts Curtain Call (R), alternates shots on each player
  • Shaco: Continuously places jack-in-the-boxes (W) around the arena
  • Viego: The first player to die instead becomes Viego for a time

Honestly, some of these sound extremely annoying. Lux is probably going to be a very strong encounter and if Shaco pops up out of nowhere you know that someone is going to rage-quit this game mode within seconds. 

These encounters will liven up the game mode and create chaos all over the Arena maps. Though some, like Gwen or even Viego will be faces you're happy to see. 

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