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Let's check out items in Arena!

LoL Arena: Everything You Need To Know About Items

Guides 27-06-2023 19:30
Soul Fighter Sett Splash
LoL Arena: Let's check out items in the new game mode! | © Riot Games

LoL Arena is the new game mode being introduced in LoL Patch 13.14. This game mode is going to encompass fighting spirit and style all in one, bringing together both League of Legends and TFT. 

This is going to be a unique new experience for players who have felt that Summoner's Rift is a little too stale. With Riot revealing more information the game mode hitting the PBE, let's go over some key facts about this game mode. How do you even get items and how important are they? 

LoL Arena: Items And Everything You Need To Know

How To Receive Gold In Arena

Obtaining Gold in Arena is a breeze – it's handed to you. During the initial two rounds, players receive 1000 Gold to buy boots and starter items, as described in Riot's blog post about Arena.

In the subsequent buying phases, players receive 3000 Gold to purchase fully assembled items. That's correct, no item components in Arena; instead, everyone can snag complete and ready-to-use items.

After you’ve gotten your boots and a starter item, you’ll start getting 3000 gold per buy phase. Every item in the shop has had their stats adjusted to cost 3000 gold.

Because of this, the chance to snowball won't be as strong in Arena as it is on Summoner's Rift, since most players willl be on even footing in terms of itemization. But there are ways to get ahead, but we will get to that in a little bit.

When Do You Buy Items In Arena? 

Soul fighter lux splash
Lux is also getting a Soul Fighter skin for this event! | © Riot Games

Similar to TFT's carousel rounds where players collect champions and items or item components, Arena also features buy rounds.

During these rounds, players can utilize their accumulated gold to acquire items, along with a new addition called "juices" introduced by Riot. These juices resemble steroids and have similar effects, enhancing performance in the game.

LoL Arena "Juices" Explained

A fresh addition to Arena is the introduction of "Juices." While players will have the same amount of Gold available during the item buy rounds, there are now additional ways for players to earn rewards by eliminating enemies.

For each kill, players will be rewarded with 350 Gold. Furthermore, players who have amassed a minimum of 700 Gold before a round can opt to purchase "Juices." These elixirs function as temporary boosts for their champions, akin to steroids, enhancing their performance for a single round.

You can spend 700 gold to buy a one-round boost using a new type of elixir we’re calling Juices. These are your reward for playing more early game-focused champions. Stack up kills early, get the gold, and buy a few juices in tougher rounds later.

Alternatively, players can choose to save up their funds and make bulk item purchases at a later time.

So if you're looking to play Arena in the coming patch, then make sure to get kills and stack up that gold so you can win with your duo partner! 

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