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Off-Meta Bot Lane: How To Master Brand & Nami

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Are you getting bored because there aren't many ADCs in the Bot Lane? Are you looking for a great combo to make climbing in Ranked easier? Don't worry, I'll tell you about a unique Bot Lane choice that works really well – it's not what most people use, but it's one of the best options you can try right now.

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Brand and Nami: A Surprisingly Strong Combo | ©Riot Games

Hey gamers! Remember those Garen/Yuumi or Sona/Taric lanes in pro play? Well, I've got a fresh bot lane combo for you to rock in SoloQ.

Let's talk about Brand and Nami. This duo's racking up a 57% win rate across all ranks – pretty cool, right?

They might look like an odd couple at first, but wait till you hear about their synergy, item builds, and power spikes.

Brand & Nami in Bot Lane: Synergies & Gameplay Strategies

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Brand and Nami are both beasts in the early game. Combined, this duo is one of the strongest lanes in the game. 

With Nami's E being a slow, which can be applied onto abilities, she's the perfect set up for Brand. You can either safely poke with Brand W into E onto the wave to safely apply the Brand E in combination with Nami E. For an all in, you want to hit the Brand W in combination with the Nami E, followed by Brand Q and E for the passive proc, in combination with Namis damage and CC. 

And honestly, the one-shot potential is insane.

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Brand will fire up the enemy bot lane|©Riot Games

Just keep pushing that early lead, because taking down the ADC gets tougher later on.

Brand & Nami: Item Builds & Runes

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Brand should roll with Dark Harvest, Cheap Shot, Eyeball Collection, and Ultimate Hunter. Don't forget Presence of Mind and Coup de Grace. 

Start with Doran's Ring. Then aim for Liandry's Anguish and Rylai's Crystal Scepter. You also want to max your E, as it is your safest poking tool.


Go for Summon Aery to poke and also make sure to max your E. Also, you should go for Imperial Mandate as your first item. 

Brand & Nami: Power Spikes & Counters

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Nami is the queen of lane|©Riot Games

In the laning phase, Brand and Nami are beasts. Coordinate with your jungler for objectives and dives.

Remember to close out the game early, as ADCs can outscale you later.

Thinking about bans? Vayne's a tough counter, so she's a good ban. Watch out for champs like Draven or Kog'Maw too. If they get ahead, laning becomes a real challenge.

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