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LoL Patch 13.24: Vel'Koz Mains Rejoice At Experimental Changes On PBE

Patch Notes 23-11-2023 15:05

Vel'Koz mains have not been a happy bunch throughout the last few weeks, with Riot barely listening to them and dev Phreak completely disregarding their feedback. Now, it seems that there are going to be some improvements to the champion though. 

Vel Koz Bee Koz skin
LoL Patch 13.24: Some players are happy about the potential Vel'Koz changes. | © Riot Games

Vel'Koz is likely to be getting some love from Riot. In the most recent League of Legends patch, the champion received some damage buffs to his passive, which was nice, but hadn't been what the Vel'Koz community asked for. 

Now, Riot August, Lead Designer on League of Legends, revealed some interesting changes on the Public Beta Environment, he dubbed as 'extremely experimental', but had the Vel'Koz community rejoicing. 

LoL Patch 13.24: Vel'Koz E Buffs Are What Community Wanted

Riot is listening to the community and they are making some adjustments to Vel'Koz who has been a pretty boring champion, with a lot of bugs. Now, Riot is going to be making some changes to improve the champion and give him some more agency, especially in close range. 

E - Tectonic Disruption

  • Travel time: .55s >>> variable, from .25s - .55s based on distance
  • Missile spawns at Vel'koz's location >>> missile spawns at cast location
  • No longer draws the circle indicator until after the .25s cast time (this will it hard to dodge if you can't see him or aren't paying attention)
  • Fixed a bug where the spell would fizzle when V'K flashes or is knocked back at max range

These changes seem pretty good. Riot is also looking to fix one of the many bugs that has been plaguing the champion, which is a great thing. 

What's also great to see is that the community are even saying they're willing to cut back on some of his damage number if Vel'Koz, along with the experimental buffs, ends up being too good on live servers. Some even stated that they wouldn't mind if Riot reverted the buffs from LoL Patch 13.23

Vel'Koz mains have been extremely outspoken, stating that they are willing to have less damage in his kit if it meant he would gain more skill expression in other parts of his kit. Well, for now these E changes have to make it through the PBE, and then we can see whether there are more adjustments in his future. 

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