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Amumu is currently throwing a spanner in the works of Xin and co.

Champion Guide: Amumu, The Sad Mummy

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Amumu Champion Jungle Guide Season 11
All you need to climb!

In this Season 11 Champion Guide, we take a look at Amumu. We show you what makes the mummy so strong and how to give all the assassins a run for their money - on the strongest position of the solo queue, of course. Here we go with our Season 11 Amumu Champion Guide!

Since LoL Patch 11.17, Amumu has been really cleaning up the jungle
. What a difference a few small changes and a second charge on his Q can make... Or was he actually that strong before and now only the right people play him? Find out everything about the mini rework of the sad mummy and why he is so brilliant in the Season 11 Jungle in this Amumu Champion Guide.

Champion Guide: Runes and Items for Amumu

The times of being a sad mummy are finally over. And as is currently the case on everything, Precision also works wonderfully on Amumu. Here are all the runes for his Jungle build:

  • Keystone: Conqueror
  • Triumph
  • Legend: Tenacity
  • Last Stand

Precision brings everything the modern jungler needs: Conqueror and your massive AoE damage heal Amumu in team fights, and Triumph boosts this effect on kills. Furthermore, you get tenacity through an actually offensive skill tree and Last Stand increases your damage by 8% on average - just like that. If those aren't good Jungle runes, I don't know what is!

Your Secondary Tree is Domination with these two runes:

  • Cheap Shot
  • Ravenous Hunter

Cheap Shot is perfect because you stun everything around you with your Q and ultimate. Your W and ult give you 10 Conqueror stacks almost instantly and Ravenous Hunter heals you even more!

Depending on how the game goes and, of course, on the builds of the opponents, you can build different items:

  • Thornmail
  • Demonic Embrace (incredibly good with the the AoE of W and ultimate)
  • Zhonya's
  • Randuin's Omen
  • Morellonomicon

There are now even some High Elo players who don't even build Sunfire Aegis anymore, but Everfrost. This makes your CC infinitely long and can also work. But the whole thing needs some practice and a good feeling for the timing between the CCs.

Jungle Guide: Amumu Early Phase

Be aware of your weaknesses in the early game and do not force yourself into bad positions around the scuttle or in the jungle. The early game of Amumu has a few weaknesses. However, if you are aware of them, hardly anything can happen to you. There are some AD champions like Xin and more recently Zed who can get through the Jungle faster and easier than Amumu. However, you can make up some time by using your Q to pull yourself through walls to the next camp. The biggest sticking point is fighting for the first Scuttle Crab.

Either you change your route so that you leave one of the scuttles for the enemy jungler, or you play with your team and try to get the first blood. Of course, the latter only works if your solo laners have strong early game champions and also have prio on the lane, i.e. can roam. If you are with scaling champions, it's better to keep your head down. Better give up a crab than to pay with your life.

If you contest the scuttle however, make sure that you only use one of the two Q-charges. With the first one you can break the shield of the scuttle, so you can really burst it. But you definitely need the second one for fighting.

Champion Guide: Amumu Mid-Game

In the mid-game you should have your Sunfire Aegis and your Plated Steelcaps or Mercury's Treads. You don't need much more to be maximally efficient. Amumu is one of the tanks that has both damage and Tons of CC. You don't even need much AP, Conqueror, your W and the DOT from Aegis do the job.

If you gank, dare to use your first Q early. You definitely have the chance to hit again
. For quick and easy kills, don't hesitate with the Ultimate. If you can catch and kill the opponent's mid laner or jungler before a team fight, you should do it immediately.

Otherwise, the mid game is all about objectives
. When the next Drake spawns, make sure you have enough vision early on. With Amumu you have a clear advantage in team fights and especially in tight spaces like the dragon or baron pit people don't want to fight you. Try to get into the backline with one of your two Qs. Your Ulti, the massive CC and damage will do the rest. Silver or Master, Amumu is one of the strongest team fighters in League of Legends!

Champion Guide: Amumu Late-Game

In the late-game, it is no longer about the perfect Jungle Clears or 1v2 Lane Ganks. Vision around the Baron and the Dragon Soul are literally game-changing. You are not a full tank like Zac, for example, or Braum. Of course you should stand in front of your carries, but a good Amumu flank can turn tables in a fight. Should you be able to pull yourself into the opponents from the side, who happen to be standing on the pile, then even a Quicksilver Sash won't save a carry. Late-game teamfights in LoL currently last 5-10 seconds in the solo queue. If you find an Engage that stuns 3 or even 4 people on the spot for 3 seconds, then the calculation is quickly made.

In order for such a flank to work, it is of course necessary that your team has the necessary awareness and that you have cleared the opponent's Wards beforehand. As always: As a jungler, you generally need a well-developed understanding of objectives, timings and movements across the map.

Amumu Guide: Matchup Situations

Good matchups for Amumu are champions who live on their mobility. Zed has been one of the best junglers lately and many pros are screaming for nerfs. But Amumu is the perfect counter for him. As soon as Zed tries to take your carries out of play, use your ultimate and then your Q to hold him in place. After that he is dead. Also, as Amumu, you can simply aim your Q at Zed's shadow, which he will inevitably jump back to.

With Lee it's not much different. As soon as he is in range: Ultimate Q, dead. Additionally, you can even interrupt Lee Sin's Q in the middle of the jump with your own stun.

However, it looks bad against other AP champions and Trundle. The Troll is the perfect solo jungler and can be very dangerous with his ultimate. Do not fight him in 1v1 under any circumstances. Talyiah and Zac are simply unstoppable or too fast for you.

I hope you enjoyed my Amumu Champion Guide and feel more confident when playing him and will test it in the solo queue today!

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