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0-2 Week for Rogue

2-0 week for Team Vitalty Sees Them Rise in LEC Standings

News 31-07-2022 14:30
LEC 3107
The LEC playoff race is heating up! | © Riot Games

MAD Lions continued their hot streak through the LEC as their rivals Rogue stumbled and have been caught by a rising Team Vitality.

The League of Legends European Championship continued this weekend. Before the sixth week, five teams were within a one win of each other in the middle of the table, while MAD Lions and Rogue were tied in first place. Would the two favorites manage to not slip up and which teams would enter the LEC’s final two weeks with an advantage in the playoff race?

MAD Extends Fnatic Losing Streak

SK Gaming and Astralis kicked off the weekend with the first Friday game. The two teams were neck and neck early, but SK proved stronger and even a Baron steal by Andrei "Xerxe" Dragomir was not enough to save his team. 

In the second game, Rogue took on Misfits Gaming. In his return to the LEC stage, Misfits’ jungler Nikolay "Zanzarah" Akatov had a strong showing and helped give his team a 3.5K lead just 15 minutes in. Rogue stabilized the game later, but Misfits executed the late-game teamfighting better and eventually scored the win.

Meanwhile, Team Vitality proved their good form with strong early pressure and aggressive teamfighting against Excel Esports. The UK team had their moments, such as sneaking in a Baron while their opponents focused on the bot lane, but it was not enough to avoid defeat.

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Team BDS’ sole victory this season had been against G2 Esports, and in the fourth game the two teams clashed again. The undergods had a very successful early game, but in the mid-game G2 turned the game around and eventually had their revenge.

Friday’s final game was a showdown between the ascendant MAD Lions and a struggling Fnatic. The two teams brawled in the early game and the mid-game remained close until the decisive fight 31 minutes in, when MAD caught their opponents split, took 3 kills and ended the game. From a 5-2 start, Fnatic now in peril of not making playoffs.

Team Vitality Smash G2 in Saturday Showdown

Misfits Gaming started the Saturday games with a decisive victory against SK Gaming. Zanzarah once more set up his mid laner for a strong mid-game and SK had no answer to an monstrously fed Akali as she led Misfits to a 2-0 week despite the announcement the team will be selling its LEC slot after this year.

Meanwhile, Rogue’s troubles continued against Astralis. The underdogs got an early lead and a series of skirmishes 20 minutes in resulted in them getting four kills and an early Baron. Rogue tried to get back into the game but every attempt ended in disasater and the former first place team ended the week winless.

The next match saw MAD Lions and Excel Esports duke it out, scoring 23 kills just in the opening 15 minutes. The Lions maintained a lead throughout the game, however, and once they got the Baron 31 minutes into the game, they smothered Excel to secure their sixth consecutive win.

And while MAD was on a roll, the mood in LEC stalwarts Fnatic was much different. The team had been on a long losing streak and an even early game against Team BDS had fans worried. However, Fnatic saw their moment 23 minutes in, and secured an ace and the Baron after a clutch fight. The favorites closed the game without a hitch for a much-needed win.

The weekend ended with a showdown between G2 Esports and Team Vitailty. A gank mid resulted in Luka "Perkz" Perković taking first blood against his old team and the Vitality mid laner made good use of it, making successful roams top. Vitality took over the game after a 4-1 fight just 11 minutes in and never let up, playing a very clean game to end the week tied for second at 8-5 alongside Rogue.

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The LEC continues on Friday, August 5th, as Misfits Gaming take on Astralis in a match that can be key to both teams’ playoff hopes. In the meantime, follow our coverage for more LoL news and analysis!