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Ahri's ASU Delayed Due to Cyberattack

News 24-01-2023 18:44
Dynasty Ahri reworked
We have to wait a bit longer before the Ahri ASU is available. | © Riot Games

After the recent cyberattack on Riot games, the long-awaited Art & Sustainability Update (ASU) for Ahri will be delayed to patch 13.3.

The upcoming Ahri ASU that was already teased in 2022 has excited a lot of players recently, especially after we received even more information about the changes.

Unfortunately, it looks like we have to wait even longer for the ASU than originally expected. Last week, Riot Games was the victim of a cyberattack, which put the source code of LoL and TFT into the wrong hands.

The recent attack caused a lot of issues for Riot, including a delay in some of the upcoming changes in Patch 13.2. Now, Riot Games has managed to get back on track with many of the upcoming changes, but unfortunately for the Ahri fans out there, the Ahri ASU will still be delayed.

Ahri ASU Will Be Released in Patch 12.3

Even though some of us might be disappointed by the fact that we have to wait even longer for the update on our nine-tail queen, it is important to note that we don't have to wait much longer. 

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According to Riot Games, Ahri's ASU should only be delayed by one patch. Meaning instead of Patch 12.2, Ahri's ASU will go live in Patch 12.3 (February 8).

The Riot team also wanted to thank the player for their patients as they continue to work through last week's cyberattack. Are you excited for the upcoming Ahri changes? 

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