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Is Bjergsen Leaving the LCS?

Bjergsen TL
Bjergsen might not be on TL for much longer. | © Team Liquid

Team Liquid did not have the season they were hoping for with their super team. Now, after a failed year of not making MSI, nor the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, there might be some changes ahead and one of those rumoured changes could sting. 

Bjergsen was face of the LCS for the longest time. Hell even when he retired in 2020 and took up a spot as head coach for TSM, he was still one of the most influential people, well according to some sources he could be leaving NA completely in 2023. 


Rumor: Bjergsen as Free Agent Looking for LEC Opportunities

Bjergsen is from Denmark so a European native, but he chose to play professional League of Legends in North America, because at the time the LCS was much more competitive and had better opportunities for players. Oh, how times have changed, eh? 

According to LEC Wooloo on Twitter though Bjergsen will be announcing his departure from Team Liquid, making him a free agent on the market. In the same tweet LEC Wooloo writes that Bjergsen is "open to LEC and LCS offers". 

This doesn't mean that Bjergsen is leaving the LCS, it just means there are chances of him leaving. With Team Heretics buying the Misfits slot, we could see him maybe going for brand-new opportunities in the LEC, but we are just making assumptions right now, since nothing is set into stone. 

The 2022 League of Legends off-season will start after the LoL World Championship, so mid-november. That's when you're going to have to look to see whether your favorite players will leave or stay with their teams. 

Team Liquid Rebuild For 2023

Team Liquid built a 'superteam' in 2022 made up of LCS and LEC talent, but that plan clearly didn't work out. Now, the org will try a new approach, similar to EG who have found home-grown talent in Danny and rebuild their roster in such a way. 

Hopefully TL will have faith in their upcoming young talent and give them time to adjust even if the 2023 season might be a bit of a flop. Better to cultivate talent than to do whatever the hell it was that TSM did, right? 

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