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Champions Queue is Back for Worlds 2022

Champions Queue
Time to watch faker stomp some NA talent. | © Riot Games

The upcoming League of Legends World Championship will be held in North America. I'm pretty sure everyone knows this by now. One thing that Riot introduced last year was a new form of solo queue called Champions Queue and they're bringing it back, better than ever before. 

Ahead of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, all players competing on the biggest esports stage, will be able to join Champions Queue, which is a type of solo queue specifically made for high elo players to practice and get better. 

Who Can Play in Champions Queue? 

Champions Queue is for the top tier players of North America. This queue lets players plat at the highest level without low ping and without facing trolls. If any player in Champions Queue seems to be ghosting, they'll be immediately removed from the server. 

Riot will also have to approve players wanting to play on this server. All teams competing at Worlds are invited to participate in Champions Queue and the top tier players of NA will also get a chance to face off against the best of the best. Sorry those of you in high diamond, you won't be facing Chovy or JackeyLove this year. 

What Features Make Champions Queue Special?

So, it's not only the players that make this such a great tool for practice, but it's also some of the integrated features. In-game voice comms are available which will help with communicating, as well as climbing the Champions Queue ladder, which anyone can follow. 

The Champions Queue Servers are also going to be moving with the action, going from Mexico City, to Chicago and finally back to Los Angeles so pro players will have the best experience possible when queueing up in North America.

Watching Champions Queue

Riot is also offering content creators a chance to stream matches. Last year, Caedral, an LEC caster, shot up in popularity thanks to his streams. He watched pro players on the solo queue server, commentating over the games and giving insights into the pro scene. 

Though Champions Queue streaming will be prohibited during the live World's Broadcast. But you'll still be able to watch your favourites during downtime, which we know we're going to get, especially between the quarter- and semi-finals – seriously Riot... double elimination, when?