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The 13th win was jinxed for LDLC OL

EU Masters | Karmine Corp is the EU Masters Champion

EU Masters Casters
Three-peat indeed | © Riot Games

The king is back! 2021 EU Masters champions Karmine Corp defended their title in a 3-1 series against LFL champions LDLC OL to win their third consecutive EU Masters trophy in a row.

For the first time in the EU Masters, two French teams clashed in the finals. Last year's two-time champions Karmine Corp survived a showdown with Vitality.Bee, achieving a dramatic reverse sweep after two initial losses. LFL champions LDLC OL, meanwhile, swept the last Ultraliga representative AGO Rogue in decisive fashion, entering the final with a 12-0 record in the tournament. Would their winning streak continue to the cup, or would Karmine Corp stand firm and defend their title?

Strong Showing for the KC Solo Laners

LDLC OL were seen as the favorites in this series and game 1 showed them at their best. A strong early game set them up for success, and when they punished a bad engage by Karmine Cop with a 3-1 fight with an extra kill shortly afterwards, they were fully in control. A great engage by the champions 27 minutes in was just not enough, and eventually LDLC got first blood in this series.

This time, however, Karmine Corp did not wait until game 3 to show what they are capable of. The team was much more aggressive in the second game, amassing an  early lead that they almost threw after they went a bit too far in several fights. Yet when things looked grim, KCorp stole an Elder Dragon and carried the ensuing teamfight to tie the series.

In the third game, LDLC replied with a lot of pressure in the top lane and scored several early kills on Lucas "Cabochard" Simon-Meslet’s Gnar. However, Karmine Corp compensated for it with several cross-game objectives and 23 minutes into the game, they took three Kills and secured the Baron to amass a large gold lead. KC Mid Lucas "Saken" Fayard led his team with a stellar performance on Azir, almost getting a Pentakill in the final push that put his team on match point.

Despite a poor start in game four, LDLC OL rallied and kept the game at an even state for a long time. Karmine Corp was able to secure the early drakes, however, and 27 minutes in they stole the Mountain Drake they needed for the soul. With it and the Baron buff they secured soon afterwards they were unstoppable on the map, and a feeble attempt by LDLC to contest the Elder Dragon led to several kills and the game-winning push for KC.

Karmine Corp Earned Their Triumph

For Karmine Corp, the road to this cup has not been easy, but it made it their triumph all the sweeter. The French team ended only third in the LFL after being swept by the same LDLC OL. They had to fight their way through the play-ins, went to war with Week 1 surprise X7 Esports that ended in a tiebreaker, and then had to survive a five-game series against Vitality.Bee, where they found themselves 0-2 before pulling a reverse sweep. In the final, they avenged their loss in the LFL playoffs to LDLC OL and handed them their first loss of the tournament - and then did it two more times.

Long Live the King.

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